Musk: Tesla Teams To Tackle Model S Coast-to-Coast Trip, Set New Three-Day Record

Tesla’s larger-than life CEO Elon Musk is a very competitive man.

Hours after father and daughter team John and Jill completed the first ever Tesla Model S U.S. Supercharger coast-to-coast trip, Musk took to Twitter to announce the fact that both he — and two teams from Tesla — were gearing up to do the same thing.

What’s more, Musk says it’s possible to make the trip from coast-to-coast in a Model S in just three days.

The Route Across the Country has been Set. But it's Soon to be Expanded.

The Route Across the Country has been Set. But it’s Soon to be Expanded.

Yesterday — or rather Saturday evening Pacific time — Musk confirmed on Twitter that the cross-country trip he’d been promising to make with his sons in a Model S, would happen some time ‘over Spring Break,’ joking that he’d “made everyone watch National Lampoon’s Vacation as prep.”

Like John and Jill, Musk’s trip would likely be quite a leisurely affair. After all, making a road trip with family or friends should be as much about the journey as the destination. Especially when you’re making a cross-country road trip for the first time with your kids.

Being Elon Musk however, Tesla’s CEO isn’t just keen to prove that the Supercharger network makes such transcontinental trips possible. He wants to prove that you can make the trip in record time.

SuperCharging Across the USA

SuperCharging Across the USA

And thus, shortly after confirming his own family trip across the U.S. during spring break, Musk made the following tweet.

Because after all, if you can send freaking rockets into space, you can get two separate teams to drive across the U.S. in just three days.

In case you’re wondering, that’s a little under 1,000 miles per day, or around 41 hours of driving.

If we assume Tesla’s teams will tag-team drive — where one team member catches some sleep while the other drives — we suspect the Tesla team could even manage to arrive sooner than Sunday. But allocate time for press calls, bathroom breaks and mealtimes, which Musk has said will all take place at the same time as the cars are charging, and we think the three-day estimation is about right.

Of course, we wish Tesla’s own teams the very best in their endeavours, but we can’t help but wonder just how many people are crazy enough would really want to make a cross-US trip in just three days in a car. Not that many, we’d guess.

Will this be the last of the Tesla Supercharger records? We doubt it. After all, with no speed limits on parts of Germany’s famous Autobahn network, we’re quite eager to see someone see how quickly it really is possible to drive through Germany using Tesla’s European Supercharger network.

Which makes us wonder: Is it faster to drive flat out, stopping more frequently to recharge, or is it more sensible to stay at a more efficient cruising speed and charge less often?

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