Hawaii Sponsored Bill Aims to Fine Parking Companies for not Providing EV Parking and Charging

Hawaii Senate Bill 2651, set for a public hearing on 30 January, aims to ensure that all large car parks provide dedicated electric car charging and parking or face a fine.

The Bill was sponsored by Senator Mike Gabbard and Senator Dela Cruz and – if passed – will not only require all car parks that have over 100 spaces to have at least one dedicated electric car parking space with charging but also introduce a penalty for noncompliance by 1 January 2015.

Seal of the State of Hawaii

Seal of the State of Hawaii

Any company that fails to comply with this legislation will face the following penalties:

  • Noncompliance of fewer than 30 days: $5000.
  • Noncompliance of 30  to 59 days: $10,000.
  • Noncompliance of 60 to 89 days: $20,000
  • Noncompliance of 90 days and for each subsequent 30 day period, or portion of a thirty-day period, thereafter: $50,000.

The Bill even goes as far as saying that the EV-only spaces need to be enforced by the provider. The Bill reads: ‘Spaces shall be designated, clearly marked, and the exclusive designation enforced.’

The Bill also goes on to say: ‘Owners of multiple parking facilities within the State may designate and electrify fewer parking spaces than required in one or more of their owned properties; provided that the scheduled requirement is met for the total number of aggregate spaces on all of their owned properties.’

This will allow for owners of more than one carpark to focus charging resources in the areas where they are most likely to help. Of course, we at Transport Evolved would like to see charging everywhere, but in the meantime as long as charging is thought through, we’re happy.

You can read the whole of the bill online and track it’s progress on the Hawaii State Legislature site.

What do you think of this Bill? Would you like to see something similar introduced where you live? Let us know.


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