Ford Tries To Increase Focus EV Sales By Offering $6,000 Cash Incentive, Zero Percent Financing

For the past few years, Ford’s all-electric Focus has been viewed by the automotive industry as something of a compliance car — sold in limited numbers just to satisfy various zero emission mandates in states like California. With a price tag of $35,200 before incentives, the Focus Electric has struggled to sell more than a few hundred cars per month, losing out to more affordable and widely distributed electric cars like the Nissan LEAF.

Now however, in what we assume is a bid to increase its 2014 Focus Electric sales, Ford has launched a new finance package which drops the effective price of its first production electric hatchback to $29,170 before incentives.

At What Price Would You Consider A Ford Focus EV?

At What Price Would You Consider A Ford Focus EV?

Combined with a zero percent, thirty-six month finance package, Ford’s new headline price for the Focus EV is just $229 per month, after Federal incentives but before local incentives.  While that isn’t the cheapest price we’ve seen for an EV, it’s certainly better than what we’d previously seen from Ford.

As InsideEvs reports, Ford is now offering Focus Electric customers in some areas a $6,000 cash sum towards the cost of buying their car or, in car dealer parlance, ‘cash on the hood.’

Combined with the $7,500 Federal tax credits available for anyone buying an electric car in the U.S., the $6,000 cash back brings the effective price of the Focus Electric well within spitting distance of the Nissan LEAF, a car it’s lost out plenty of custom to.

According to, a new LEAF (S spec) can be bought for as little as $21,300 after the Federal tax credit has been applied. The highest level (SL spec) LEAF comes in at $27,340.

It’s worth noting here however that unlike an official reduction in price — something which means everyone can benefit from a lower purchase price — this deal requires dealer participation for the headline price and finance package. In other words, Ford Dealers have to be trusted to not pocket the $6,000 difference to help account for the well known fact that electric cars are harder for your average dealership to sell than gasoline ones.

Can You Think of Any Ways Ford Can Increase Sales of the Focus EV?

Can You Think of Any Ways Ford Can Increase Sales of the Focus EV?

We’ve driven the Ford Focus Electric, and like its roomy cabin, conventional looks and spirited drive. In terms of driving experience, we’d even go as far as to say it provides a more engaging driving experience than the Nissan LEAF. Being a factory electrification of a primarily gasoline car however, it loses out on load bay space thanks to its battery placement — under the hood and load bay floor.

So far, sales of the Focus Electric have been pretty poor, but we’re curious: does this new deal make you more interested in owning Ford’s first mainstream electric car?

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