Elon Musk Amsterdam Town Hall Meeting – Short and Medium Term Future

This week we are bringing you all the interesting talking points from Elon Musk’s Amsterdam Town Hall meeting. In a room filled with Tesla customers and fans, Musk – CEO of Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] – kindly answered questions for an hour.

At the event he covered subjects from updates to the Model S, charging and the specific issues Tesla has run into in Europe. Being Elon Musk, he also let slip a few snippets of information about possible future projects and what Tesla is planning.  So far this week we have looked at SuperCharging and charging in general and Europe specific concerns or announcements.

Today we bring you the last of the information from the event we think you’d like to know. These concern Tesla/Model S in the short and medium term future.

Short Term Future

Musk confirmed that version 6 of the Model S software will re-enable the lowering of the Model S and also offer some improvements to this. According to Musk, drivers will now be able to set a hight and have the car stick to it in a larger range of speeds.

Currently, Model Ss in Europe are missing the ‘play any song at any time’ feature enjoyed by US drivers. This will be coming soon thanks to rdio.com who are working with Tesla to stream content to the cars.

rdio.com Is To Provide 'Any Song, Any Time' to European Model Ss

rdio.com Is To Provide ‘Any Song, Any Time’ to European Model Ss

Back in June 2013 Tesla, at a big event, showed off the ability for the Model S to battery swap in half the time it takes a comparable ICE car to fill with petrol. However as of yet, no public battery swap stations have gone live. This is soon to come to an end with a trial that is being set up between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In the next couple of months these stations will start to go live and Tesla will monitor their usage to see what demand is like.

Medium Term Future

A software development kit (SDK) is being created at the moment to allow outside developers to create apps that interact with the Model S. Currently, as with many other EV manufacturers, Tesla has an official App that allows drivers to interact with their cars. The SDK in development would open the Model S up to having any internet connected device talk to the car possibly leading to a world of interconnectivity.

Musk also confirmed that it is on the ‘Tesla Roadmap’ to make the Model S touchscreen interface compatible with the upcoming iPhone and Android ‘projected’ modes. However as the Model S system has been written from the ground up by Tesla, what form this compatibility will take or exactly when it will happen is a bit murky.

Long Term Future

An owner of the Model S asked if Tesla had considered the inclusion of adaptive cruise control in the car. Musk said that while that technology is very interesting it wasn’t something they had any plans for at the moment. The technology would require the addition of a front-facing camera or laser which currently isn’t on the car. Musk didn’t suggest either way if this was something that would change or not.

You can watch the Town Hall meeting, recorded by Tesla Club Belgium, below – Hat tip to Brian Henderson for sending us the link to this video. Or you can just pop back to our site every day this week as we go through all the main points.

What do you think of the European Model S issues? Are you a Model S owner is concerned about the soft paint? Let us know below.


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