New Jersey Joins Texas and Arizona as a Non-Tesla State

In a wild ride of a day, much like the amazing acceleration of any Tesla Motors car, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission passes ‘anti-Tesla’ regulation.

It started in October last year when the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) proposed regulation PRN 2013-138 that would prohibit any vehicle manufacturer selling cars directly to consumers in the state. Regulations and laws of this type have been come to be known as ‘anti-Tesla’ as the Silicon Valley motor company would be the only manufacture who’s business model would be affected.

Since October Tesla has been working with the NJMVC and the Christie administration in Jersey to get this radical proposed change treated as legislation so that it gets an open and public debate.

This morning Tesla released a statement on their site calling for help. It seems that the proposal – which is sponsored by the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers (NJ CAR) – was to be debated today, something that goes against what Tesla claims was agreed. They were under the understanding that the voting on the regulation was being delayed.

The EV community mobilised. Tesla drivers and fans from New Jersey made the journey to Trenton where this was to be voted on at 2pm EDT. At Transport Evolved we shouted as loud as we could to raise awareness and live blogged the meeting.

Unfortunately, even with a turnout which left ‘standing room only’ the NJMVC passed the regulation making it the third state in the US to prohibit the sale of Teslas directly to customers.

After the vote, 14 members people in attendance signed up to speak. Comments, as relayed to us, included existing Tesla customers explaining why Tesla does car sales so much better to Jim Appleton from NJ CAR trying to explain how ‘Tesla crushes competition’.

So where does this leave potential Tesla customers? At the moment the only solution is for them to go out of state to get the car they want.

What do you think about this ‘anti-Tesla’ regulation?


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