Transport Evolved Live Blog: New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Votes on Anti-Tesla Rules

Welcome to the LiveBlogging coverage of proposed Anti-Tesla regulation being voted on today by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. We’ll be covering the event live from Trenton, New Jersey, where the NJMVC will be voting on proposed regulation changes which will make it impossible for Tesla Motors to sell its cars directly to customers within the Garden State.

Joining you on the ground today is Tesla owner, Transport Evolved’s New Jersey correspondent and VP of Plug-in America Michael Thwaite, who will be LiveBlogging from the event. Coverage is expected to commence in the next hour or so.

If you have photographs or information about the event, please reach out to us via Twitter, or email us at show at Transport Evolved dot Com.


Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Editor:

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  • Kalle Centergren

    Thank you Nikki for blogging this

  • Jack B. Erhart

    @ericbolling of The Five. I have been sending him Tesla information all week for his comment on the show. “All electric cars made in America are crap.” Flood his account. Maybe we will get some coverage of this.

  • Robert Cotran

    Thanks for doing this guys — how many Tesla owners showed up?

  • Don Denesiuk

    The Tesla Road Trip Folk are on the scene as well.nn

  • Dennis Pascual

    Just published link of live blog on a bunch of EV related G+ communities… Thanks for the live blog… Twitter down here too.

  • Dudenhofer

    From Germany : Great live ticker- I`ll support you. We need innovation in that obsolete car buiseness. nUSA country of boundless possiblities? I won`t by not only my smart phone or computer directly.nI only would by a Tesla Motors car- directly.n Nikola Tesla said: “Who`s burning oil for production of energy is a brute.”

  • just someone old

    If this is to protect the “little” dealer, know that the ones that endanger the “little” dealers are the BIG dealers. BIG dealers that are bigger than TESLA. And BIG Dealers like to show themselves as little ones. It are the BIG dealers that are affraid of TESLA! Because a little dealer has more incentive to protect his customer than the BIG ones! For the BIG ones its all about the money!

  • Lars Thomsen

    I bought two Model S in New Jersey in 2012 and shipped them to Germany. Can’t believe what Americans are doing with one of the most innovative companies in the world – which happens to be an US-Company. Lars from Germany.

  • globalrules

    Did @govchristie block the twitter traffic?

  • Dennis Pascual

    I find it strange that a state as progressive as NJ has been in its EV incentives can be so anti-Tesla. The tax free purchase of an EV in NJ is better than any state rebate I can get in California, or even in Georgia where the rebate is almost as good as the Federal EV credit.

  • Kalle Centergren

    Does this weird “dealers only” laws exist in any other country than america?

  • globalrules

    Shame on Gov Christie – Today, he lost my vote.

  • Nicholas Zahn

    What in the world is the rational behind this change? Is it only trying to protect dealers?

    • No, of course not. The legislators couldn’t care less about the dealers or anything else. They are trying to protect their income.

  • Kalle Centergren

    “Onto Comments now. We’re curious to see what happens.” TAR AND FEATHERS 😉

  • just someone old

    I thought usa was a democratic countrynthis resembles more a dictatorship

  • Jack B. Erhart

    Tesla needs to create an independent rep program. Outfit them with a loaded model s, marketing material, training and cut them loose to promote Tesla like the retail stores do, with much less overhead, and no restrictions.

    • Kalle Centergren

      i hope they don’t, i think it is worth it for thesla to play it clean. they will winn in the long run

  • tomsax

    These dealer protection laws protect giant auto dealer networks, not consumers. We need innovators in personal transportation, not protectionism for last century’s business models.

  • RAMGarden

    Did they really make it so you can’t buy a Tesla in the state? Or they just won’t allow Tesla to put up showrooms? What would happen to a person if they lived in NJ and bought a Tesla from Would they stop them from delivering the car with police in the driveway? Deliver a hefty fine? Or just keep them from getting a license tag on the car?

  • Don Denesiuk

    New Jersey State Motto was : “Liberty and Prosperity”nHas been changed to “Corruption and Clientelism”

  • Joe Fiorelli

    Move out to sunny CA and buy your Tesla without the car salesman pressure!

  • David D. Moore

    There are plenty of Teslas in TX, as you might have assumed based on the relatively early superchargers here. They are bought directly via the website, and delivered and serviced like elsewhere. So unless NJ is quite different, “making it impossible to buy a clean, green Tesla” is not accurate.

  • Julian Cox

    Nikki – stop plugging your blog and transcript these live comments please – that will win you the blog support. Don’t need commercial breaks – thanks!

  • Andre

    I wonder if its because they don’t want people to plug their own car in much like how they don’t allow anyone to pump their own gas. Way to go NJ, you make us all proud

  • Bottom line? Tesla’s sales model is the future (arguably the present, when you look at Apple and all the clones trying to produce the same store front). We who lust for Teslas will gladly go through gyrations to get one if necessary. It’s just very disappointing to see how strong the pathetic, old-school resistance is. So we walk away singing John Mayer, “s’Why we’re waiting (waiting…) Waiting on the world to change…”

  • paladin

    I don’t understand this are you blogging the live comments made by people in the room or are you blogging comments from your online assets

  • Nicholas Zahn

    Is anyone taking video of the public comment, or the decision? Will we be seeing video posted later?

  • Guy Mansterson

    Going out of their way to ruin an American car company. Seems like the same people that were chanting “Buy American cars” in the 80’s are the same people who are saying “Don’t let Tesla sell cars”. Pretty ridiculous.

  • Kalle Centergren

    someone should do a poll and se what % of NJ ppl suport their bill. then confront them whith the do not think they caried out their voters will on this one.

  • jankee

    !!!-> Your turn!!! Hallo together- please also write to Mr. Christi and Mr. Martinez: n / + Mr Christi: wrote him:nnDear Mr Martinez, Mr.Cristi,nnit would better you would bring R&D on the way to support innovation.nnYou`ll block innovation in lock out Tesla Motors. You should help Tesla Motors in bringing cars to the 21th. century.You are also Tesla Motors agent right?nnI`m happy that computer business is lot`s more innovative- could by my computer in the app store. Also could by my tomatoes at my farmers site.nnI wanna by my Model S at my Tesla Store and I only want a Tesla- do something support that please. Offtake your lawsuit- and support innovation with that money. Writing from europe..

  • Nicholas Zahn

    FYI Americans: backhander is brit for a bribe.

  • Edward Arthur

    Seems like a sham right out of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.nI drive to Philly through NJ quite a bit. I now refuse to stop in NJ and willnnot be looking at colleges in NJ for my daughter.

  • Julian Cox


  • Edward Arthur

    Also, at a legislative hearing here in MA, I had a few weeks notice and called the Attorney General’s office and collected statistics on consumer complaints to new car dealers and presented that info. “Consumer protection” what a laugh.

  • WeaponZero

    Do we have any names of the people who voted for this ban? I think these bureaucrats would think twice accepting lobby money if their names were attached to the outrage and not just some random bill #.

  • RedmondChad

    We just went through this in my state a couple of weeks ago…the dealer association tried to sneak a term in a bill that would have stopped Tesla in the state. The legislators that sponsored the bill “didn’t know it was in there”. We had just the weekend to prepare for a Monday meeting. A bunch of owners turned out, the legislators learned a LOT about Tesla, and fortunately in our state – because it was up for a public vote, rather than a decision by a small committee – the free market won.nnSure, NJ residents can still buy Teslas, but a lot of people don’t even know they exist and won’t if they can’t have stores in the state. Not so important now with the Model S selling out, but the much-cheaper Model E will be produced in much larger quantities. This fight is obviously going to have to go federal, and that will not bode well for the dealers. I can’t believe they are wasting their time trying to legislate away the competition. They have to know they will lose. Why not spend the time and money making their own model better?

  • Guest

    I knew the market wasn’t free before.. but this is just ridiculous

  • Katherine Batista

    Awesome article! I am always on the lookout for new information about transport and professionalndrivers for hire.