Fifty Shades of Lust? First UK Tesla Model S Owner is E L James

As of 3pm local time, the Tesla Model S electric car began official deliveries in the UK with a gala event in London’s popular Royal Victoria Docks.

Maybe it was love at first sight..

Maybe it was love at first sight: E L James becomes first UK Tesla Model S owner.

Five lucky Tesla Model S reservation holders — including celebrated erotic romance novelist E L James — were handed the keys to their shiny new electric rides by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

While not every UK Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] customer will get the personal handover treatment, Musk flew into London especially to hand over the first UK market cars, continuing a now long-standing tradition of personally handing over the first few cars of any new market launch.

Here at Transport Evolved, we’ve spoken to many prospective Model S owners, many of whom are expecting to take delivery of their new Model S in the coming weeks.

Better known for her erotic and controversial novels, E L James will now be known for driving a Tesla Model S.

Better known for her erotic and controversial novels, E L James will now be known for driving a Tesla Model S.

Starting at £50,280 before incentives, the Tesla Model S has been hotly anticipated by EV fans all across the UK.

Due to the country’s small size, it’s possible to drive from most major cities to London without the need for a charge. For longer distance trips — like travelling from London to Manchester, for example — Tesla is rolling out its usual Supercharger DC charging network.

Owned and operated by Tesla, the Supercharger network will extend along the M4 corridor from London to Wales, up the M6 and M5 towards Birmingham and Manchester, and down to Dover.

E L James, better known for her bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy series, is a new name to the electric vehicle world, but we hope will become a passionate EVangelist about the joys of driving the super-sexy Model S.

As for the car she chose? A red signature Model S with all the toys. What else wold you expect from one of the world’s most controversial erotic romance authors?


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  • Mark Chatterley

    Yet again I am lusting after this car.

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    We will be selling our Mercedes to buy a Model S as soon as it is available with AWD.

    • EV docmaker

      You do not need to wait for stupid AWD. Please understand there is no science and engineering reason for a TESLA to have AWD they are only introducing it next year to pander to people like you that are addicted to notions fed to you by Big Auto and Big Oil. You need to understand that the 85kWh battery pack in the MODEL S provides such an amazing CENTRE OF GRAVITY for the car that renders no need whatsoever for AWD. The TESLA MODEL S is the number one selling car in Nordic snow and ice covered (for half the year) Norway. TESLA cars are driven all over Norway in the worst Winter weather with no AWD.nnPlus one of the nice things about the TESLA is the Frunk which is lost to AWD and this will also reduce the head on collision safety protection. Order your rear wheel drive TESLA now and stop being foolish ! It is far better you spend the extra money on the twin-chargers than AWD.nn

      • JackB125

        On the contrary, the AWD version will offer improved stability control, traction control, and hopefully, torque vector steering. Also, engineers estimates a performance version improvement in 0-60 mph acceleration times of a full second (3.2 sec vs. 4.2 sec).nnI agree with you that there could be a downside in frontal crash safety, but Tesla engineers will surely do their best to minimize, if not eliminate, that impact.nnLastly, most Tesla-philes believe that the AWD version will have a reduced frunk. Very few believe that it would need to be completely eliminated.

        • EV docmaker

          4WD is pointless on a TESLA !

          • JackB125

            I think that you’re mixing up how well the Model S does without AWD when evaluated against comparable ICE sedans with AWD as compared to how how the Model S will perform with AWD. The Model S doesn’t have all the slower mechanical linkages of ICE vehicles, nor the slower responses of the combustion engine itself. Consequently, it compares fairly well to the AWD ICE sedans. And, you are absolutely correct that the Model S’s extremely low center of gravity plays a big role in this by providing far superior contact with the road.nnThe very nature of the Model S’s drivetrain gives it an order of magnitude better response time for stability control as well as traction control. But, the same will be true with even more impressive performance characteristics for the AWD version. And, that will be with no wasted power since the front and rear drives will be completely independent. nnThere is a reason that the Model X is only going to be offered with AWD. Tesla will be raising the bar on safety and performance yet again. nnIf you often encounter poor road conditions, then AWD will serve you well. On the other hand, if your driving never puts you in poor conditions, AWD won’t get you anything. nnAs for the sales of the future AWD version of the Model S in Norway, I would expect them to follow the same pattern of other vehicles that currently offer AWD.nnWhen asked this last January in Norway, “Why buy a Model X if you already have a Model S?”, AWD was the very first reason given by Elon Musk & JB Straubel. See .

      • just someone old

        In an EV, AWD in the way Tesla designed it, makes sense.nThis because there is no transwission that connects the one engine to the two driving axels, and therefore no drivetrain-friction-lossesnnnDue to the AWD the car has better traction, and therefore needs less energy to accelerate!nOfcource the weight of the second engine will partly negate this effect.nnnCurious to see a first comparative test!

    • Julian Cox

      Speaking with Tesla in Frankfurt AWD will be a retrofit option to the current Model S – but I have to say I agree. BMW 750i driver, AWD Model S = definitive object of desire.

  • D. Harrower

    Wow. I can’t believe it took Tesla this long to expand to the UK. Are these all RHD models then?

    • Surya

      Of course. The ones seen before, mainly for publicity reasons, where all LHD models.