Fifty Shades of Lust? First UK Tesla Model S Owner is E L James

As of 3pm local time, the Tesla Model S electric car began official deliveries in the UK with a gala event in London’s popular Royal Victoria Docks.

Maybe it was love at first sight..

Maybe it was love at first sight: E L James becomes first UK Tesla Model S owner.

Five lucky Tesla Model S reservation holders — including celebrated erotic romance novelist E L James — were handed the keys to their shiny new electric rides by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

While not every UK Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] customer will get the personal handover treatment, Musk flew into London especially to hand over the first UK market cars, continuing a now long-standing tradition of personally handing over the first few cars of any new market launch.

Here at Transport Evolved, we’ve spoken to many prospective Model S owners, many of whom are expecting to take delivery of their new Model S in the coming weeks.

Better known for her erotic and controversial novels, E L James will now be known for driving a Tesla Model S.

Better known for her erotic and controversial novels, E L James will now be known for driving a Tesla Model S.

Starting at £50,280 before incentives, the Tesla Model S has been hotly anticipated by EV fans all across the UK.

Due to the country’s small size, it’s possible to drive from most major cities to London without the need for a charge. For longer distance trips — like travelling from London to Manchester, for example — Tesla is rolling out its usual Supercharger DC charging network.

Owned and operated by Tesla, the Supercharger network will extend along the M4 corridor from London to Wales, up the M6 and M5 towards Birmingham and Manchester, and down to Dover.

E L James, better known for her bestselling Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy series, is a new name to the electric vehicle world, but we hope will become a passionate EVangelist about the joys of driving the super-sexy Model S.

As for the car she chose? A red signature Model S with all the toys. What else wold you expect from one of the world’s most controversial erotic romance authors?


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