UK Leads Europe on CHAdeMO DC Quick Chargers, Thanks to UK Utility Company Ecotricity

Despite what many Brits will tell you, the UK is leading the rest of Europe in the drive towards CHAdeMO DC Quick Charging provision.

That’s according to official figures passed onto Transport Evolved by the CHAdeMO Association, which says of the 1,181 CHAdeMO DC quick charging stations now online in Europe, 239 are based in the UK. Following in second place comes Estonia, with a total of 160 DC quick charge stations.

There are now 1,181 CHAdeMO compatible quick charging stations in Europe.

There are now 1,181 CHAdeMO compatible quick charging stations in Europe.

“We are pleased to see the CHAdeMO numbers grow every month,” said official CHAdeMO Association spokesperson Natalia Kozdra. “We are almost [at] 1,200 in Europe and are on our way to cross the 4,000 mark globally. This is a proof of confidence the operators put in the protocol and a clear recognition of the ever-growing number of CHAdeMO-compatible EVs and PHEVs on the market.”

The CHAdeMO Association’s latest map shows a clear growth across Europe in the number of open rapid charging stations compatible with cars like the Nissan LEAF, Mitsubishi i-Miev, Citroen Berlingo and Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid all able to use CHAdeMO quick charging to refill their battery packs from empty to 80 per cent full in around 30 minutes.

Kozdra points out that while the UK leads Europe in the number of CHAdeMO quick charger units physically installed, Norway actually leads Europe in the number of quick charging stations installed per capita. “With 239 chargers deployed the UK is a clear leader in terms of total number however, demonstrating what a policy of subsidizing fast chargers can achieve,” she said, referencing extensive UK governmental support for public electric car charging networks.

While twelve different providers working across Europe to bring CHAdeMO quick charge stations to electric car drivers, the CHAdeMO Association says that Ecotricity in the UK, ELMO in Estonia and ESB in Ireland and Northern Ireland are its leading European CHAdeMO operators.

Responsible for operating 119 0f the 239 UK rapid chargers, UK-based renewable energy provider Ecotricity — whose Electric Highway offers quick charging units at many of the UK’s major motorway service stations — says its DC and AC quick charging stations fit in with its plan for a Greener Britain.

Ecotricity Electric Highway Rapid Charger

Ecotricity is responsible for 119 of the UK’s current 239+ DC quick charging stations.

“The Electric Highway has addressed the infrastructure gap. Car manufacturers are producing exciting new models, increasing choice. And as we have seen with recent announcements, Government support for the sector is continuing. Those three things are all pulling in the same direction, meaning it’s an exciting time for the electric car market and that’s a good thing for British drivers,” Ecotricity said in an email to Transport Evolved earlier today.

“The Electric Highway has grown remarkably over the last twelve months – we’ve powered over half a million miles of electric travel in that time, and while that is a drop in the ocean of road travel at the moment, we’ll reach a million miles a year of clean driving in the next twelve months – and that’s only going to increase sharply – we’re proud to be helping the UK lead the way,” it continued. “Energy, Transport, Food – and room for Nature. These are the issues that urgently need addressing – and the solutions to them will form our blueprint for a Green Britain.”

As we demonstrated last month with our failed trip across Europe, there’s still a dramatic difference between individual countries when it comes to electric vehicle rapid charging infrastructure. But taken into context, today’s number of functional charging stations is dramatically higher than ever before.

iMiEV rapid charging on an ecotricity electric highway charger

DC quick charging makes cars like the i-MIev far more practical to own.

Of course, there’s still a long way to go before electric car drivers across Europe feel ready to embark on their summer vacations without significant forward planning, but this latest data shows how far we’ve come.

How does your country fare in the European CHAdeMO quick charger totals? And are your local charging stations reliable, always working, or a pain to use? And if you live outside of Europe, what lessons do you think your home nation can learn from Europe?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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