MyCarma Reaches Electric Car Logging Device Crowdfunding Goal

CrossChasm, the same fleet-logging specialists responsible for offering some pretty interesting insights into electric vehicle performance and battery condition in extreme weather conditions, has successfully completed its Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for the MyCarma MyEV electric vehicle logging tool.

MyCarma is owned by the same company responsible for some pretty intense cold-weather testing on electric cars.

MyCarma is owned by CrossChasm, the same company responsible for some pretty intense cold-weather testing on electric cars under the FleetCarma name.

Designed to make tracking the energy use of an electric car simple, fun and social, the heart of the MyCarma system is a specially-designed bluetooth logger which plugs into the on board diagnostics (ODB) port found on every modern electric car. It then pairs with your favourite smartphone to enable you to collect and monitor your car’s energy usage over time, improve your eco-driving techniques, and keep a track of your car’s battery health over time.

With thirty-three different electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles supported from launch later this year, the team at CrossChasm turned to crowd-funding platform Indiegogo for help earlier this year, offering discounted hardware to early backers and stretch-goal incentives to encourage electric car drivers to back the project. Exceeding its original $25,000 funding goal before the end of its campaign, achieving a total project funding of $28,427,  the Canadian-backed firm rewarded fans by promising on-board memory storage, so multiple days of trips and charging data could be collected and downloaded in one go.

“We’re super glad that we were not only able to reach, but surpass our funding goal! After just a few days into the campaign, we quickly discovered that you can try all the marketing and PR tactics you want, but the greatest force lies in empowering your backers,” said Sunny Trochaniak, digital marketing specialist for MyCarma. “Our backers have been our biggest supporters, and are the sole reason we’ve been able to make it this far. They’ve shared our story on a countless number of pages, groups, and forums, further supporting the notion that EV owners are an incredibly tight-knit community.”

While the main idea behind the MyCarma MyEV product was to offer electric car owners a way to log and share and monitor their vehicle efficiency, monitor battery health and track energy usage over time, an auxiliary feature designed to make sure electric car owners aren’t stranded in an emergency really caught our eye.

We like the QR notification feature

We like the QR notification feature

Available as a stand-alone product, every MyCarma MyEV logger comes with an adhesive QR code which owners can put in the window of their car. Containing a unique identification for each user, the QR code can be scanned by another MyCarma user to anonymously check it’s okay for them to unplug your car in an emergency to top their own car up. Because the app knows how full the battery is of the person requesting to unplug you, you can accept or reject their request without ever exchanging personal contact information.

“Now it’s our turn to get down to business. The next few months will obviously be extremely busy for us in finishing off the hardware and developing the app, but we’re grateful we have the opportunity. All of us here are excited to get myEV in the hands of our backers,” Trochaniak continued. “While our campaign has closed, it’s still not too late for EV owners get myEV. Our backers will be receiving our first production batch, but others can hold their spot in line for the first batch by visiting our site at”

While the finished product is still some way from being delivered to EV owners who backed the Indiegogo campaign, expect more developments from the company in the coming months as it has promised to keep backers up to date with the final development process.

Disclaimer: our own Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield has personally backed the project twice for her privately-owned Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt. However, this personal investment does not indicate any corporate endorsement of  MyCarma or its MyEV electric vehicle logging tool.


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