Want to Rent a Tesla Model S in the UK? Now You Can: For £350 ($580) Per Day

With the largest battery pack of any production electric vehicle on the market today, super-swift acceleration and the kind of timeless looks that draw it attention from petrol-heads and tree-huggers alike, the Tesla Model S is a car you’ve got to drive at least once in your life.

Of course, one way to do that is to visit your local Tesla showroom for a test drive — but if you’re the kind of person who wants your test drives to be a little longer, there’s now another way to get some serious time behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S in the UK without forking out the £50,000+ sticker price: hire one.

Want one of these for a weekend? You can rent one in the UK, but it won't be cheap.

Want one of these for a weekend? You can rent one in the UK, but it won’t be cheap.

Ever since the Tesla Model S launched in the U.S. back in 2012, enterprising owners have offered their cars of hire on peer-to-peer car sharing sites like GetAround, but now a UK company is offering a more conventional way to obtain temporary custody of a Tesla Model S: a standard rental agreement.

Enter EVision, a new company based in the south east of the UK offering both chauffeur-driven Tesla Model S service and self-drive solutions for those who want to make their way around the country without burning a drop of fossil fuel. 

While the Chauffeur hire services are currently restricted to the south-east and Greater London areas, the rental service allows you to take a hired Model S anywhere in the UK, making use of Tesla’s growing network of Supercharger stations just like any other Tesla Model S driver.

The catch? It’s not exactly cheap: an hourly rental will cost you £60 ($100), with a minimum rental time of three hours. In that time, you’ll only be able to drive 40 miles or find yourself paying an unspecified additional mileage fee. What’s more, you’ll be expected to pick up the car from EVision’s depot — or pay extra for delivery.

You'll be able to use any of Tesla's Superchargers like a real Tesla owner -- but you will have limited mileage, says Evision.

You’ll be able to use any of Tesla’s Superchargers like a real Tesla owner — but you will have limited mileage, says Evision.

Oh, and if you want to opt for the Tesla Model S P85 instead of the standard Model S 85, you may find ‘an extra charge may be applied’ to your rental.

Daily rental starts at £350 ($580), with a total of 200 ‘free miles’ included in the rental agreement, while a weekly rental (with a 1,000 mileage allowance) will set you back an eye-watering £1995.

In other words, you’ll pay more in a week than the likely monthly finance payment would be on a fully-loaded Tesla Model S. Then again, that’s true for any rental car.

As to the price? £1995 ($3307) migh seem like a lot for a rental, but if you compare the Model S rental prices to other premium sports sedans and prestige cars, you’ll find it’s within the usual rental fees for similar high-end cars.

For anyone visiting the UK and missing their Model S — or for wannabe Tesla owners wanting a special weekend of daydreaming — that high rental price might just be worth it.

But would you want to pay that much to get your hands on a Tesla Model S rental? And what would you do with it while you had it?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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    That’s cheap compared to renting a Rolls Royce convertible at Beverly Hills Budget Rent a Car at $2,500 a day. Hertz is renting their 85 for $400 a day.