TransportEvolved Episode 2. The Aptera Diet

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Mike Boxwell with guest Chelsea Sexton as they discuss the latest news in the world of green vehicles, electric vehicles and alternative fuels. 



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  • John C. Briggs

    Great to see you back at-it Nikki Always good to hear from you all.

    Mike I think you need to have your book titles listed next to your name during the show or on a stand next to you during the podcast. Also, did you notice that Amazon misspelled photovoltac in the title of your book? Don’t they have spell check over there.

    Nikki, as much as I like to hear what you have to say about EVs, I don’t know if I can spend 2 hours a week doing that. So, in my humble opinion, I think the show could be tightened up a bit.

    Keep up the great work.
    John C. Briggs

  • John C. Briggs

    Oh, and one more thing, I miss having the show notes with links to the online articles.
    John C. Briggs

  • Admin

    HI John,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Firstly, We’re working on the show-notes. We’ll be doing them as of this week!

    Secondly, if 90 minutes is too long, why not hang in there for the new show, T.E.N, which will start in a short while.

    Thirdly, Thanks again! We really like to have you here!

  • John C. Briggs

    Thanks for the response. I don’t mean to be too critical as I really enjoy your show and the high quality of guests. One thing I find interesting is that standard "journalism" seems to suggest that you should have a point of view (one side) and express it clearly and without ambiguity. Add to that "balanced" journalism where you add a second person into the mix with the with the opposite opinion expressed clearly and without ambiguity. This arrangement always leaves me a little cold. I know people’s opinions are more complex than this and if they have doubts then they should be allowed to express them.
    On your podcasts, people seem to be able to express themselves in more natural and sometimes nuanced ways. This seems more realistic to me. I am comfortable with some "gray area" in the discussion.
    John C. Briggs

  • Jim Pike

    Hi Nikki and Mike,

    I’m glad that you’re back in the EV world. I missed you on EVcast 🙁 I always looked forward to your Saturday podcast which I played on my mp3 player during walks. Your show was definitely my favorite. Excellent guests too!!

    I’m especially interested in the Leaf but it seems that Canada is on the end of the list for this and other EVs although Smart is starting a small trial here. As a Smart cdi owner I thought I could get in on the trial but only dealers and fleets are getting a chance 8>{

    The Leaf has just appeared on Nissan’s Canadian web site but no deposits are being taken yet, although I did put myself on the email list.

    It would seem to me that a trailer range extender sized to provide cruise power and available for occasional rental would answer the range limitation problem for one-car owners. See:
    Their 40kw was definitely overkill. The generator need only provide enough power for the average trip-speed including stops or breaks and could run flat out only when needed or off for optimized fuel consumption. Hills and acceleration are taken car of by keeping a minimum reserve of battery power. Perhaps the trailer could itself provide additional cargo or even camping capability and possibly have a small motor governed by tongue load to compensate it’s additional load on the vehicle. The generator and/or the battery could provide power for camping or even emergency power for one’s home. Hopefully, if the OEMs don’t produce such a unit, independents will. This seems to me a far better solution than having a permanent range extender built in to the vehicle (Volt) which would be dead weight for 90% of the vehicle’s operation and probably give problems through lack of actual use (stale fuel, etc.). Now that I think of it, a generator kit could easily be added to my existing cargo trailer, but I think the load would be excessive for a Leaf.

    I would be very interested in any driver/owner reports on the Leaf production version when it becomes available.

    I presently own 4 electric vehicles comprising:
    2 Chinese 500w 48v scooters limited to 32 km/h but requiring no license or insurance in Ontario as they are classed as bicycles
    1 Schwinn 250w 24v folding bike (same rules)
    1 1981 HMV Freeway 48v ??kw legal here because it is classified as an "antique" and capable of 45-50 mph for 10-15 miles

    The scooters have proven very handy with their flat floors allowing carriage of a large shopping bag or my coffee mug plus another carrier at the back. They have much better visibility than a bike, lights, horn, flashers, steering lock, and even a loud anti theft alarm. They can even carry a passenger on the pillion seat with fold-able foot-pegs. The only problem has been occasional poor electrical connections. In fact, the first one had an intermittent power problem which I reported to the distributor who said said he’d just send me another one and I could return the original one shipping prepaid. I subsequently solved the problem myself and offered to keep both if he would take half price for the replacement. I thus ended up with two identical scooters for less than $2K CDN. tax included!! The bike only gets used for exercise with the power for a hill assist. The folding capability allows me to carry it in my car andt it only cost me $450. I stay on tails and off the roads as much as possible with it due to the much lower visibility to motorists. By the way, RANGE ANXIETY has never been a problem as I keep them all topped up and they can go anywhere in town and return with 3/4+ still on the charge indicator! I’m on my 3rd year with the original batteries with no noticeable degradation in range or performance!! New batteries go for about $250 a set.

    I guess I got carried away on my first post!!

    Keep up the good work.

    Jim Pike