Transport Evolved Episode 3. Don’t Say “E.D.” Say “Electric Drive”.

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Mike Boxwell as they are joined by Aaron Crocco from as they discuss the latest news in the world of green transport, including…


  • Why 60% of Nissan Leaf orders in Japan are from Seniors.
  • The Smart Electric Drive hits the USA.
  • The latest from the TTXGP with David Herron.
  • And what geeks look for in green cars.






The Carbon Footprint of Cycling.

Audi competition to design an electric car.

Fiat Panda natural Power the most economical car.

Mercedes Benz installing EV charging poitns at UK dealerships

Columb to install 4,600 new charging stations across America by October 2011.

Tesla makes money by selling zero carbon credits to Honda

Steve Jobs demonstrates Nissan Leaf app at WWDC 2010.




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