Transport Evolved Episode 5. Gullwings Are Sexy!

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Mike Boxwell as they are joined by Autobloggreen’s Dominick Yoney to discuss the latest news in the world of green transport, including…


Mercedes new sexy gullwing EV. 

The LIKE electric car – based on a Mitsubishi i-Miev.

The latest on the X-Prize Automotive

V8 Engines. Are they useful for fuel efficient cars? 

Shanghai to Paris in an EV.

Audi won’t make an electric A1.



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  • Jim Pike

    Your reference to the new Mercedes reminded me of the Lightning GT which has similar specs. It’s web site is still promising deliveries in 2010 and a price in the 120k pounds range. It’s also 4 wheel drive using PML Flightlink (now Protean Electric) in-wheel motors. Porsche built approx. 300 electric hub-motor cars over 100 years ago!! Michelin’s Active Wheel combining an in-wheel active suspension would seem to be the ultimate development of the concept.

    It would seem to me that a company like Michelin could supply their motors to independent companies to produce all kinds of vehicles. The dynamic characteristics would be mostly a function of the software controlling the wheels. The car itself would become a passenger/cargo/battery container produced by specialist companies like the Venturi Volage. The automobile modularized. (Definitely EVOLVED :>)

    Just some thoughts you might consider in future podcasts.

    Jim Pike

  • I saw those Fifth Gear i-MiEV clips posted on our site. What was it with the cops? Booked for driving a bit slow? Another wind-up.

    Anyway, I’m amazed about Jonny Smith being involved in this stunt – I’ve seen him at green vehicle events and he was there off his own back. (See too)

    By the way, there are Tesla drivers who live up mountains in Colorado…

  • …not only that, but Tesla do want to sell you an EV in the Rockies as they have a showroom in Boulder 🙂

    Oh, heeeeeeeere’s Jonny:

    P.S – Couldn’t disagree with you more on the Tesla thing. If they don’t have a sustainable business model, we all might as well pack up and go home.

    P.P.S – wot no Ampera?

  • Admin

    So many great comments! We’ll certainly put these all on the show this week. David, I stand corrected on Tesla. I heard this morning they raised over $200 million with the IPO!

    But I’m still not buying shares as it’s a conflict of interests for me 🙁