Transport Evolved Episode 6. Fisker’s Big Countdown

Join Nikki Gordon Bloomfield and Chelsea Sexton as they discuss the latest news in the world of electric vehicles and alternative fuels, including…











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  • Dag Johansen

    I can’t believe you recommended that tripe from Newt Gingrich (Drill here, drill now, pay less). I agree that it is wise to listen to ‘the other side’ of a debate . . . but only if they are grounded in truth. Newt Gingrich is a political hack who knows nothing about oil. He is just out there telling people what they want to hear. Geophysicist, Oil industry veteran, and college professor Ken Verosub mocks Newt’s uninformed wishful-thinking nonsense pretty well in the following podcast. Listen to it.

  • Admin


    The reasoning was because arguments like his are found daily by anyone seeking a greener fuel future. And unfortunately a lot of folks will believe it.

    OF course, it’s also good to realise that his arguments are not very strong – hence the recommendation. It’s almost like recomending something bad so you know what good is 🙂

    Sorry if I offended though!