Transport Evolved Episode 14. You’d better beLEAF it.

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield with guests Mike Boxwell from and Domenick Yoney from Autobloggreen as they discuss the week’s news in the world of green transportation.


This show was sponsored by Audible. 



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  • Jim Pike

    Hi Nikki.
    Am I missing something obvious? Nowhere on this site does it give the LIVE BROADCAST TIME !! I know it is mentioned somewhere in the podcast but my 65 year old brain does not retain everything and even if it did, the time zones can confuse the issue.
    How about posting the schedule in GMT on the home page and then I and others can convert to our local time. This way I can actually participate in the chat if I want.
    Also there is a "login". To what? How do I join?
    Excellent podcasts with a more depth than B. and R.


  • Luc

    How about posting the schedule of Live shows on the home page with local times and scheduled guests. This way we can actually participate in the chat. Show times have been inconsistent lately.