Transport Evolved Episode 19. Flat Pack

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mike Boxwell and Micheal Thwaite as they discuss the latest news in the world of EVs and green transport, including the Tesla Roadster recall, EV advocates who hate EREVs. would like to appologise for the loss of video for the first part of this show.




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  • John C. Briggs

    Good to apologize for the lack of video. Next up you can apologize for misspelling "appologise" in the header and "appologize" in the video.

  • John C. Briggs

    Great discussion today.

    Wicked echo problems, check out 00:04 and 42:25 for example.

    The excuse of the woman buying the Land Rover Discovery sounds all too familiar. I know lots of people buying 4wd suvs for that rare occasion that they might need them. I fear they will continue to do so until the price of gasoline rises dramatically.

    Small point for Mike Boxwell, there are about 310 million people in the USA now, no longer 250 million odd people.

  • Nikki


    Sorry about this. We had a rendering issue. I'll get on it right away!


  • John C. Briggs

    Cool, I figured it was not in the original tracks. Great conversation in this episode.
    John C. Briggs