Transport Evolved Episode 29. Sex And The EV

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from and guests Michael Thwaite from the TeslaMotorsclub and Nick Chambers from and as they discuss the week’s news in the world of green transport.



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Who purchased the $225k Chevy Volt?

BYD: We’re Coming Next Year! Honest!

First Nissan LEAF Experiences: 60 Miles of Range at Highway Speed

Extension of EV Charging Incentives Snuck Into Tax-Cut Extension Bill

Revenge of the Electric Car Trailer

Electric Waiex Aircraft Taxes To The Skies

Senate Approves Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act

Fisker’s Suggestive Ad

Fisker off to China

Think Starts Production in U.S.

Mission R Superbike Coming Soon

First Chevy Volt in NJ

UK tax relief on EVs: Why is Tesla Not on the List?


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  • Greg Fordyce

    Hi Nikki,

    Wish I could say it was a great show, but have only heard the first 5 minutes, 3 times! Problem is the Yahoo media player SUCKS big time. If you pause and then play it starts back at the beginning with no way to fast forward (or back) to where I was. Can you please put a direct download link for the mp3 on the site.



  • Greg Fordyce

    O.K., I found the episode on youtube and it was another great show. The electric airplane idea sounds a bit far fetched. A 14kwh battery pack for 2 hours of flight gives you an average power output of 7kw or just over 9hp (1hp = 746 watts), but then you probably want some reserve capacity, so lets reduce the power output to 5kw (6.7hp). That's going to have to be one extremely efficient and light plane to fly on 5kw of power!


    P.S. I still think the yahoo media player sucks big time.

  • Admin

    Hi Greg,

    Sorry for that. We're just about to change hosts and so we'll put the changes into play as soon as we can!

    Happy Christmas!