Transport Evolved Episode 33. The EVangelist’s Revolt

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from and guests David Peilow from the Tesla Motors Club and Kevin Sharpe from ZeroCarbonWorld in a special 90 minute extended edition of the show as they discuss the week’s news, including David’s epic 400+ mile trip from London to Edinburgh in a single day in a 2011 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5, the 2011 Detroit Autoshow, Industrial EV espionage and much more. 



Latest on Renault Spies Debacle

Ford Focus EV – and Ed Begley Jr.’s Electric Car War

David’s epic trip in a Tesla from London to Edinburgh

and an Equally Failed Trip in a MINI E by the BBC

SLS AMG E-Cell due 2013

UK Charging Installation getting easier

Detroit: Volvo Shows Off Crashed Electric C30

Best Buy to Sell EVSE

Toyota Prius Family Gets Larger, Including Pickup?

2012 BYD e6 to Cost $35k, 200 Mile Range

Detroit 2011: Venturi America  – Where Are  the Doors? 

CA Cops go on Patrol on Zero Motorcycle DS

Update from Li-Ion motors – Will We Ever See Wave or Inizio on the Road? 





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  • Keith Ruddell

    Hi Nikki,
    I enjoy your show, but prefer the recorded versions as I miss things due to the British accent or references.

    There are two issues brought up in this episode about level 2 charging that I wanted to discuss. David Peilow thinks more HPCs will be a good solution for EV infrastructure. Unfortunately, they will provide zero additional benefit over regular EVSEs, for cars such as the LEAF with a lowly 3.3 kW on-board charger. Level 3 chargers on the other hand, are completely useless for the Tesla Roadster. Ah, the early days of electrification.

    The second issue is your pet peeve about hardwired EVSEs. The difference between the Roadster and LEAF on-board charges illustrates the need for this. The Roadster charger is 16.8 kW and the LEAF is 3.3 kW. The EVSE controls the amount of current the charger will draw to prevent tripping the breaker. If you plugged a TESLA HPC into an electrical circuit set up for charging a LEAF, you would keep tripping the breaker and not be able to charge the Roadster.

    Leviton's solution requires a dedicated pre-wire kit for each of their EVSEs. You can't plug the 30 A model into the outlet for the 16 A model and vice versa. This does allow you to install pre-wire kits at multiple locations (your home and your parents) and take your EVSE along with you. It could be a good solution for some people.

    Cheers from Canada,