Transport Evolved Episode 36. Terra Firma

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from and guests Keith Johnstone and Jeff Lander as they discuss the week’s news in the world of electric vehicles, including the landfall of the first Nissan LEAFs to reach the U.K., Electric Vehicle Taxes and much more.




EPA Sticks To Its Guns, Still Considering Letter Grades for Cars

Testing A Plug-in Prius or Volt Gets Easier for Civilians

Think becomes real EV company, Gets Recall Notices

Ex-Jay-Leno Ford Gets New Home

Audi CEO: No Euphoria For Electric Cars Despite E-Tron

Charles Lane Takes Out Cold Frustration on EVs

Electric Car Charging Stations Gets Smart, Networks With Home

UK Drivers to spend $11.3B buying 300,000 Plug in Vehicles by 2014

First UK Nissan LEAFs Touch Down in UK

Much Needed EV Tax Credit Reforms Finally Announced

Virginia Utility Tests Cheap Rates for EV Owners

Ford Focus Won’t Support Fast DC Charging (Yet)

First EV fuel Tax?

James May Wants EVs To Be Like BumperCars

408 Plug in Cars were Sold in U.S. in January.

Felix Kramer now owns Leaf, Volt and Prius PHEV….

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