Transport Evolved Episode 62. Foliumphobia

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from and Michael Thwaite from TeslaMotorsClub with guests Bob Tregilus from Fit4NV and Jeff Lander from as they discuss the week’s news in the world of electric cars, including battery swapping (Chinese style), the infamous Top Gear Leaf episode, BMW’s i3 and i8, Tesla’s latest Model S teaser and much more.

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We would like to apologise for the video judder during a portion of this program, which we believe was caused during recording.


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  • kidmarc

    Hydrogen is dead??? So I looked for the source of Akerson’s statements. It was a TV interview on CNN. He was answering a question as to why he is in favor of a gas tax. His response was to correct the host on the misunderstanding of his view. He [Akerson] is instead in favor of a “pragmatic national energy policy…” which led to his listing of technologies they [GM] are implementing: hybrids [the Volt], bi-fuels [multi-fuel engines with CNG as one of the two fuels], and fuel cells. The point made was a multi-solution to the problem. For GM, fuel cells will take longer; for Daimler, it won’t. [Just a note: GM is a major part of Hawaii’s Hydrogen Initiative/]

    Interesting that this topic followed Top Gear. You express your disgust of Top Gear’s treatment of BEV’s, then turn and bash hydrogen with the same fervour as Top Gear did BEV’s. It appears the pots are out in full force calling the kettles black.

    Now before someone gets the idea of labelling me a hydrogen supporter/advocate, I am a truth supporter/advocate… something we have little of.