Transport Evolved Episode 116. Keeping It Cool

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from Green Car Reports, Mark Chatterley from ZeroCarbonWorld and Michael Thwaite from TeslaMotorsClub as they disucss the week’s news in electric cars, including Better Place’s 15-hour battery swap marathon, Fisker’s latest recall, Chevrolet’s banned Volt ad and much more.


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  • Hi Nikki and Co., Great show as always, but I think you were a bit harsh on Better Place. Sure it’s a publicity stunt, but any company worth it’s salt will pull stunts to demonstrate it’s products and I think that this was a quite good one. One of the main criticisms of electric vehicles is that they can’t make long road trips. Slowly we are showing that this is not the case. With the right infrastructure and technology long trips can be made. Better Place’s battery swap stations give the quickest way to get a fully charged battery pack. Even fast charging can’t compete if you need to make a long journey. Imagine Shai Aggasi’s trip redone as a Top Gear challenge with a Better Place car, Petrol car, Leaf and Tesla with rapid charging available. I would guess the Petrol car would come in first due to fewer refuelling stops, then the Better Place car not far behind. The Tesla and Leaf would be last due to charging, even fast charging won’t be as quick as a battery stop. I don’t have any problem with Better Place using swap stations that aren’t yet open to the public, as long as they get opened when they say, that’s fine. He’s just trying to drum up more business for his company, get some more orders in and his company is more viable. The battery swap stations just give people peace of mind that they won’t get stuck. Yes the reality is that fast charging would probably satisfy most peoples requirements. But remember that the Better Place model is charging infrastructure along with battery swap. Lets let them prove the system in Israel and then let them worry about how they can expand into other markets, such as North America. So even though it’s a publicity stunt, I say fantastic, in Israel soon there will be no arguments not to have an electric car. Hopefully it will spread. Greg