Transport Evolved Episode 117. It Was All HIS Idea

Join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from Green Car Reports, Mark Chatterley from ZeroCarbonWorld and guest Koen Van De Kerckhove as they discuss the weeks’ news in the world of electric cars, including the impending Chevrolet Volt production halt, a trip round the nurburgring with the world’s fastest taxi and much more.



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  • Hi Nikki and Co. Just a quick clarification on the air pump for the California spec Volt’s (and many other ICE cars). The reason for adding air to the exhaust is not to dilute it but to make the catalytic converter work better. The cat’s job is to complete the burning of any unburned or partially burned fuel that causes pollution. Extra oxygen improves the catalytic converters efficiency and lowers exhaust emissions. Adding air to the exhaust is even done on some european spec cars as well. So it’s quite common and was found on California spec cars all the way back to the late 60’s.