Transport Evolved Episode Null: Gremlins


In my time hosting Transport Evolved, I think I’ve had to miss only a handful of shows. This has normally been due to illness, technical problems, or vacations.

Yesterday, we had a great show lined up for you, with the wonderful Marc Geller from Plug-in America and the ever-candid Chelsea Sexton.

However, circumstance and a pretty intense cold on my part conspired to make the show a nightmare. We started recording; we went live on air; we got 20 minutes in.

During those first 20 minutes, the live chatroom told us we had some major audio woes, while Chelsea was unable to hear most of what was said.

Then the studio stopped recording, tripped the breaker, and lost Internet connection.

In short, it was the day that all live broadcasters hate, a day when many things conspire to cause havoc.

If I were Leo Laporte of the wonderful TWiT network, or a broadcast anchor on a cable news channel, we’d have a technician or two on hand to get things running and figure out the problem.

As it was, in a studio run by myself on a shoestring budget, I had to figure out the fault myself. Unable to get a reliable Internet connection, we cancelled the show.

For those who are interested, the problem lay in some loose wires underneath the studio desk. Presumably caught by a child and/or pet, they weren’t seated correctly, giving intermittent connections and faulty power.

It’s now been rectified, and I hope to be back with you all as usual next Thursday. We’ve already got two guests booked.

In the meantime, I hope you can accept my sincere apologies for the lack of show this week. I’ve let you all down, and I’m sorry.



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