Meet The Tesla Nod: For When Waving is Too Uncool

Do you get excited when you see someone else driving the same car are you? Do you feel the urge to signal your solidarity with their car-buying choice? And just what is a socially-acceptable thing to do?

Here in the UK, seeing another electric car driver is normally enough to make hardened EV nuts explode in a fit of hand waving, light flashing and horn beeping. At least, that’s what I do when I see another EV in my neighborhood. But for Tesla Model S owners, something a little more refined is called for.

Meet The Tesla Nod.

Because after all, when you’re driving a $100,000 luxury sedan, flailing your arms around wildly like a cat over water is just so unrefined.

Produced by Alex Mercier and Anthony Dever of MA3Productions, The Tesla Nod is the latest in a long line of fan-made videos extolling the virtues of the Tesla Model S.

But don’t for one second confuse the word ‘fan’ with ‘poor quality’: The Tesla Nod is one minute and thirteen seconds of broadcast-quality video which would look great nestled alongside regular TV adverts on a major TV network.

It’s even funnier than a lot of broadcast TV ads, and certainly better scripted than we’ve seen from any major automaker trying to advertise its plug-in cars on national TV. It’s more memorable, too.

In it, two friends are driving along in a Tesla Model S when they see another Model S behind them. We enter the car half-way through their conversation, just as they pull up at the stop sign. The two men are talking in a fast-paced, yet conversational tone.

Passenger: “Not gonna do it”

Driver: “Why not?”

Passenger: “Not my thing. I’m not a nod guy. Not gonna do the nod.”

Driver: “What’s wrong with the nod? Everyone’s doing the nod. The nod loves you man! The nod needs you.”

Passenger:”Maybe I don’t love the nod. Maybe I hate the nod. Maybe I hate that I hate the nod. That’s right. I hate the nod. What are you gonna do?”

Driver: “You’re gonna do the nod.”

Passenger:”Not gonna do the nod.”

Driver: “You’re doing the nod.”

The two friends continue to argue the fact, while the second Tesla Model S silently draws level with them, and the windows roll down. Inside are two attractive women, wearing shades. They throw their heads back slightly in a nod to the driver, and he nods back, smiling. The women wait for the passenger to nod back, getting increasingly irritated as the seconds pass.

The Tesla Nod (Screenshot from MA3 Productions)

The Tesla Nod (Screenshot from MA3 Productions)

Slowly, and with some encouragement, the passenger nods back, pouting. Satisfied, both drivers pull away in opposite directions, with the driver of the first car turning to his friend.

Driver: “Thought so!”

Passenger: (pouting as the shot cuts to a close-up of the Tesla grille)  “Don’t look at me.”

Essentially, The Tesla Nod is a light-hearted look at how EV drivers — and Tesla drivers — want to acknowledge when others have made the same decisions as them: when they want to share in someone else’s joy at dumping the pump for good.

Sure, it pokes fun at Tesla owners a little, but as with the best comedy, it comes from the heart. And unlike a certain Toyota Prius hybrid fart joke from a certain satirical cartoon known as South Park, it’s certainly a lot more family-friendly and more universally understood.


Strangely, Tesla hasn’t made a single TV advert for its Model S, or any of its other cars. Maybe that’s because it hasn’t needed to — or because it knows plenty of talented producers out there are willing to make them out of love for the brand, essentially for free.

Which leads us to two questions:

First, what sort of advert would you create for your own EV or your favourite plug-in car?

And second, just how do you acknowledge other EV owners on the road?

Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.



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