The Perfect Office Gift for an EV fan: The Model S Desk

The Draper University of Heroes has been specifically designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs – so what better way to welcome people to a University reception than with a Model S desk?

This photo appeared on Steve Jurvetson’s Flickr stream this week, along with some others showing off the amazingly inspirational surroundings at Draper University.

Image by Steve Jurvetson and used under Creative Commons licence (CC BY 2.0).

Image by Steve Jurvetson and used under Creative Commons licence (CC BY 2.0).

But upstaging all the others, at least in our minds, is the Model S desk. Taking a slice of the iconic EV and building a desk into it seems like the perfect gift for the EV driver who has everything. It makes us look at our own desks and get annoyed at their everyday boring rectangle design.

Steve Jurvetson – the World’s first Model S owner – is a Founder and Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a company that has a long history of picking the best upcoming technology companies to invest in.

In fact, Steve Jurvetson believes in Elon Musk so much he currently has seats on the Board for SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

Maybe this highlights a new finance stream for Tesla Motors? Tesla Office Furniture. It’s a possibility.

If you happen to know where he got this desk, do please let us know. We would love to find out.


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