Across the Swiss Alps in a Nissan Leaf

‘The skeptics who say you can’t get anywhere in an EV are wrong. Look where we are.’ These words were uttered by one of the two people – maybe not the first, but certainly not the last – to drive to the top (ish) of the Swiss Alps in a Nissan Leaf.


As views go, this one ain’t bad!

The pair have been interested in electric cars for a while and had been searching to try and find one to rent to experience the power of driving electric for themselves. With a Tesla Roadster coming up in their search, but quickly being vetoed due to it costing over S₣800 (Swiss Franc), the pair managed to go on to find a Nissan Leaf for S₣29 per day from

They recorded their journey and posted it to their Kalle Centergren YouTube profile. The recording takes the form of a video diary, logging their impressions, thoughts and feeling about the car and their experiences along the way.

Starting in Airolo, Switzerland, their journey took them over two days through Gotthard Pass, Andermatt, Furka Pass, Obergoms, Schutterwald, All’acqua Pass then back to Airolo. For those who’s knowledge of the region is a little rusty, that’s 150km (93.2 miles) all through amazing scenery.

A very rough map of their trip.

A very rough map of their trip.

They went through all the usual experiences a first-time driver does:

  • Wonder at how smooth the car is.
  • Mild worry as the ‘guess-o-meter’ drops when going up hill.
  • Joy as the ‘guess-o-meter’ goes up when going down hill.
  • Pain when turning up to a charging stations and finding it has been removed.
  • Happiness when a local shop owner allows them to plug in.

The map above does little to convey the amazing changes in elevation the pair went through on their trip. Starting at just under 1200m, their journey took them to a peak of nearly 2500m. In the video they talk about how the Leaf handled the climbs like they weren’t there. The electric motor torque making easy work of the inclines.

Just think of all the regen on the way down!

Just think of all the regen on the way down!

The pair make a great duo on screen and we recommend you take a look at their video.

Have you made a journey somewhere fantastical in an EV? How was it? Let us know.


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