Transport Evolved Episode 170. The Name’s Musk, Elon Musk.

On today’s Transport Evolved: Making more i3s, a double-capacity Nissan LEAF, and Elon Musk IS James Bond.

These, and many other stories, on this week’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley, Deb Seymour, and Brad Horton.

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by Chevrolet Volt driver and EV advocate Brad Horton, as well as the Urban Folkerista, otherwise known as Deb Seymour.

Chevy Volt fan, EV advocate and Eco Consultatnt,  Brad Horton is Illinois born and bread, and has always had an interest in cars and technology. As he puts it, “the two converged when hybrid vehicles came into the public eye and really started to make it big.” After owning a Toyota Prius, Brad upgraded to the Chevy Volt, and now enjoys plugging in wherever possible to save gas and maximise those electric miles!

Musician Deb Seymour combines life as a touring full-time singer/songwriter, an electric car driver, and an advocate of both working women and green lifestyles, which of course, includes plug-in cars. When she’s not touring, you’ll find Deb driving around Seattle, Washington in her little ZENN Neighborhood Electric Car.

Deb — or the Urban Folkerista to use her stage name — recently rose to cult EV fan status after her band’s song — Little ZENN Car — made it big on YouTube. Part of her latest album, Mama Wears A Hard Hat. You can buy the entire album for $10 from her website, but to help the EV cause, Deb’s Little ZENN Car is completely free!

(You can engage with Brad on Facebook, or read his blog at Meanwhile, Deb can be found on Facebook, or you can download her music at


Part 1

BMW says it may make more i3s to keep up with demand, Seattle is an EV-lover’s paradise, and Ford kills its iOS App after breaking it.


BMW’s Chief Financial Officer Fredrich Eichiner said this week that BMW’s i3 — due to go on sale in Germany in a little under a month — is proving so popular that the company is considering upping production, even before any deliveries have been made.

So far, BMW has received 8,000 reservations for the four-seat hatchback, almost all of the 10,000 cars it originally planned to make during the first year of the i3’s production. Eichiner confirmed that if demand holds, the firm will invest more in production for the all-electric i3 and range-extended i3-REX models.  Note: Orders for the i3 will begin in the U.S. in November.


Seattle’s 2013 Auto Show is being called an “EV-Lover’s Paradise” after seven plug-in cars made their Seattle debut this week. While some of the cars — like the Tesla Model S, Ford Focus Electric and Ford C-Max Energi — are already available on the market, other cars, like the BMW i3 and Cadillac ELR, are making their Northwest debut ahead of going on sale next year.

With Seattle-based Deb Seymour on the show, we have to ask: Just why is Seattle so pro-EV when other parts of the U.S. and the word struggle so much? And what other areas — and countries — learn from the Pacific Northwest?


After launching an iOS7 version of its MyFordConnect EV app for Apple devices with increased features and functionality, Ford has had to admit the all-new version of the app is completely broken and fails to work. Worse still, Ford Focus EV owners who have upgraded their phones to iOS7 have no easy way to downgrade their phone and app to a working version. For now, Ford is recommending its Focus EV owners stick to the previous, working version of the app, while an almost identical version of an all-new MyFordConnect app for C-Max Energi owners works just fine.

In related news,  Ford executives further reinforced the automaker’s emphasis on hybrids, not EVs, with cargo space being sacrificed in all-electric and plug-in cars at the altar of producing one model with multiple drive trains.

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Part 2


Is the LEAF less popular than the Tesla Model S, Fisker gets sold, and a soul-destroying admission


Sales figures from around Europe last month proved that the Tesla Model S was extremely popular in Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland. But in fact Tesla is proving almost as popular as the Nissan LEAF, with 1,000 Model S sales contrasting 1,175 LEAFs Europe-wide. 

Are Europeans just suckers for high-mileage luxury, or is the Nissan LEAF just too short on its range for many Europeans to consider dumping high-mileage diesel engines for?


Finally, Fisker Automotive gets sold to a Hong Kong Tycoon Investor Group… and Bob Lutz carries on with his plan to turn de-evolve the Karma with a massive ‘vette engine, turning it into the 2014 Destino


Is Nissan considering a 48-kilowatt-hour battery pack for future Nissan LEAFs? It’s unlikely, but a team of engineers from Nissan Technical Centre in Barcelona, Spain, recently built and raced just such a car in the final race of the EcoSeries season.  What would a 48-kilowatt-hour LEAF be like to drive? And would there need to be any concessions made?


After confirming the Soul EV will head to the U.S. and Europe next year as an alternative to the completely redesigned gasoline 2014 Soul, Kia executives have admitted that the Soul EV will be a car  which won’t be priced to “drive demand.” Instead, it’s likely the urban crossover will be higher-priced, limited-production, as with so many other EVs in California and around the world.

Do we really need another compliance car? Do they have a positive or negative effect on the EV industry?

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Part 3:

Tesla wants to make EVs S.E.X.Y., EV Conversions have a place, and Elon Becomes The Man With The Underwater Car?


Tesla cars are undeniably sexy, right? But are they S.E.X.Y? Apparently so, as Tesla trademarks ‘Model Y.’


According to What Car?, BMW is at the stage where it is deciding internally what the next plug-in BMW — the i5 — will be like.  Possibly a crossover SUV, possibly a sedan, there’s no firm plans as yet with BMW even still undecided on if it will be an all-electric, range-extended or plug-in hybrid model. But expect some decisions soon — and perhaps a concept car in the coming year.


Tesla Model X draws the crowds at last week’s Palo Alto Store opening. With order books hotting up and designs getting finalized, how long before Tesla’s crossover SUV gets its official drive event?


Do Electric conversions have a certain something that factory-built EVs have? Yes, if you’re wanting to combine the joy of driving a classic car with zero emissions. as GreenCarReports found out this week. 


And finally…

Elon Musk buys the famous James Bond underwater Lotus, and promises to put an EV drivetrain in it.  Anyone want a Tesla Model A (For awesome?) or Tesla Model U? (Underwater?)



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