Tesla UK Store Official Opening

Tesla Motors is opening a new store in the UK and Mark and Nikki from the Transport Evolved team have gone along to see what the new store has to offer.

The official start of proceedings is 7pm BST and in attendance will be CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, who – with any luck – will slip in some brilliant new information as he did recently in Germany.

Nikki and Mark will be updating this post with news throughout the event as it happens, do check back for the latest news as it happens. Feel free to tweet Nikki and Mark by using @transportevolve.

6:06pm: Mark and Nikki in London stuck in traffic. On outer way through.

6:18pm: We’ve been one minute away for 20 minutes now. Nikki and Mark are talking Tesla and getting excited.

6:50pm: Plugged in and charging. Mark and Nikki on way to new Tesla store.

7:09pm: Everyone’s enjoying re atmosphere.


7:25pm: Nikki records some Transport Evolved with Robert Llewellyn.

19:50. It’s getting busy here, but we’re sneaking a chat with Richard Goldsmith, who has jut had his first Tesla Model S drive!


20:00. People have started to crowd around the main stage. Elon must be due some time soon.

Stage area is getting crowded.

Stage area is getting crowded.

20:06. Cameras are now in position, and people are almost exclusively around the stage now. The DJ looks to be getting ready for a change of set list.

20:06. Music down, Chris is taking the stage.

20:08 Elon Musk takes the stage.

20:09: Musk “we can’t really afford to do advertising. We’re relying on people like you.” Emphasises the importance of fans spreading the word about the Tesla Model S.

20:10. Musk: “We’re taking the UK market very serious. First UK RHD car due to be delivered in March. It’ll go to a “fairly high profile person.

20:10. “We’re going to establish the supercharger network thorough the UK. You’ll be able to travel anywhere in the UK by Supercharger network.”

20:11. Musk: First UK Superchargers due next quarter. Will have the whole country covered by the end of next year.

20:11. Musk: Service centres will be throughout the UK.

20:12 Musk: Deliveries will happen according to when the car was ordered, so order quickly!

20:13. Opening up to questions from the floor.

20:13 First question: How can owners get feedback to Tesla to make cars better?

20:13. Musk: “I used to give out my email address, then it got tricky after a while. You’re sane… laughs… but not everyone is!”

2013. Musk. “I think we have an avenue for [email protected] Send there!”

2015. Second question.  “How are you working with existing charging networks in the UK?”

2015: Musk: “We’ll pick locations that people will typically stop at. Major roadways, major routes.”

2015: Musk. “We have a number of people at Tesla who used to live in the UK. We’ll probably be okay in the regard [of siting chargers] — Send feedback to [email protected]

2016: Third Question. “Is the UK the first RHD market? Answer: Yes.

2016: Fourth Question. In terms of battery swapping, fast charging, wireless charging, what will be most important. Musk’s answer: “It’ll all be about fast charging.” Tesla will test battery swapping on LA to SF corridor. If that’s popular, then it will be expanded, possibly to the UK too.

2017: Musk. “Inductive charging is a problem because you have to get the placement right. Plus, you happen to have two chargers in your car. It’s quite difficult to send that amount of power into your car. ”


20:20 Question Six: What about Tesla’s involvement in governments to encourage EV-incentives.

20:20: Musk: Very busy with Space X and Tesla. To do it properly would take a lot of time, energy. Musk talks about someone who can help Tesla communicate with Governments in the UK…  Considers hiring someone for the purpose.

20:21: Question Seven. Lotus Esprit. What’s your plans for the James Bond car?

20:22. ” Going to restore it.”

2022: Question: What’s the price of the Tesla Model S?

20:23 “Hopefully  low to mid £50,000s.”

20:27. We had a loss of connection. Sorry, we’ve missed a few — but our Twitter stream has them www.twitter.com/transportevolve

20:29 Next Question: ‘What tax benefits are to the Tesla?”

20:30. “Details on tax benefits next year.”

20:31. We’re really struggling to hear the questions and responses now as noise levels have got louder. Please bear with us.

20:32. This question is about residual value. What will the residual be? What plans for financials?

20:32. Answer: Tesla hopes to offer similar deals, similar residuals to the U.S.

20:32. Q: What’s the price going to be of the Model x?

20:33. A: Hopefully similar in price to the Model S, but slightly more expensive due to the parts etc. “But very similar”

20:42 We’ve had to change our network. Sorry about this, folks.

20:45. Question: When do you feel that there will be a time when the Tesla is more accessible to the mainstream market?

20:45. Answer: “About three years (isn) we will get to a mass market, affordable car. About half the price of the Model S. It’s not that we don’t want it less than that. It’s what we think we can achieve.”

20:46. “It’ll take another generation, three years after that, we’ll get an even more affordable car.” — Ed: Essentially this means Tesla is working on a more affordable car after the Model E.

20:48. “Affordable EV will be about £30,000. However, ‘apples to apples’ conversions is not possible. A £30,000 EV is more like a £22,000 car.”

20:51. Question: Is Tesla overvalued? If so, why?

20:52 “Ultimately, I think the value of Tesla will be greater than it is today. ”

20:52. We’re unable to hear these questions due to high background noise. The crowd is certainly excited!

20:53. Q: Can the Electrical grid handle all these electric cars.

20:53. A: Yes. Eventually, we’ll have grid buffering, and stationary storage will also help at power substations or power points to help smooth demand on the grid.

2054. Q: UK roads are much smaller than US ones. Will Tesla introduce power folding mirrors or rear-view cameras?

20:55. A: Yes, power folding mirrors will come as standard. As far as cameras, there are some regulatory things that prevent rear-view cameras at this time. Tesla’s working on it.!

20:02. Q: What exactly is meant by Autobahn tuning?

21:02. A: The Autobahn tuning will improve the car’s handling at speeds > 110 mph. Elon: “I felt the lane changing wasn’t as crisp as it could be.” Autobahn tuning will come for all customers who want it in Europe, although Elon joked it may not be popular in non-German countries for regulatory reasons.

Top speed increasing is theoretically possible, but Telsa would have to figure out how comfortable the motor would be at higher speeds, due to it being a single-speed gearbox.

20:03. Elon: “We might have to call it “track tuning” elsewhere.

21:06. Q: What do you think of the Cadillac ELR?

21:06. A: Musk. “I didn’t even know about that car, but any EV on the road is good. ”

21:09. Q: Tesla has some pretty big plans for the next 12 months. How are you going to build all these cars?

21:09? A: We’re going to expand our production. It’s going to be a year or more before we need to do that. We have a 5 million square feet factory. We’re justing just a quarter of that right now.

21:10. Q: would you consider working with tracks, race schools to do track days to increase Tesla experience.?

21:11. A The biggest thing about the Tesla is the acceleration. You can experience that in any street!

21:15. Nikki’s Laptop nearly sent flying by a waiter and a beer bottle. Please bear with us!

20:21. That’s it folks!



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