Tesla Model S Gains Consumer Reports’ Recommendation

It would be fair to say that Consumer Reports loves the Tesla Motors Model S. When they tested the car back in may they said it was ‘the best car they have ever tested’ and gave it their highest rating of any car they have tested: 99 out of 100.

At the time, the Model S didn’t get the coveted ‘red recommendation checkmark’ as they hadn’t gathered enough reliability data on the car.

Well, now the waiting is over and it is finally official: Consumer Reports recommends the Tesla Model S.

The reliability data comes from owners of the Model S who filled in a survey. The results from this were analysed and the car earned an ‘Average’ rating when it comes to reliability

Does the Model S Rattle and Squeak?

Does the Model S Rattle and Squeak?

So you may be asking, if it is only ‘average’ in reliability, why has it been given the ‘Recommended’ checkmark? According to Consumer Reports, the feedback gathered wasn’t related to anything major (no battery or safety issues) and the car is – essentially – so awesome that these small niggles can be overlooked.

And these niggles are mostly the standard fair for all automakers: Little squeaks and rattles. The few that don’t fall into that category are ones which we are sure Tesla is already working on, these being sunroof and door lock issues.

With the Model S now being rolled out in non-US markets anecdotal reports suggest that the build quality is only improving. It seems that Tesla is learning from the US roll out and build process and feeding that information into the new production lines. We are sure this is happening in the US too.

Both Nikki and Mark are looking forward to getting their hands on a EU-built Model S to bring you a QuickCharge and ChargedUp report on what it is like.

Do you own a Model S? Do you have any niggles about the car? Let us know below.


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