Transport Evolved: Tesla Store London Opening Special

Just under a week ago, Tesla opened its London Store with a gala event at the Westfield Mall, London.

We were there live-blogging from the event, produced a Storify record of our live-tweets, and even managed to squeeze in an interview with EV advocate and actor Robert Llewellyn, and Vauxhall Amepra driver Richard Goldsmith. who gave us his impressions after his first ever Tesla Model S test-drive.

We included our interviews as part of our special on the road edition of Transport Evolved last Sunday, but we appreciate that not everyone wants to watch the whole show to capture the atmosphere at the Tesla Opening event.  (We hope you do, but we understand if you don’t.)

So, just for you, we’ve made a special Tesla Store London Opening YouTube Special.


Nikki, Mark, and the Transport Evolved Team.



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