BMW i3 Electric Hatchback: What Do YOU Want To Know?

It’s one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2013, and even managed to get TopGear magazine singing its praises earlier this year.

We’ve already shared our opinion of its styling, fit, finish and trim after a chance encounter in September, but in a little over 24-hours, we’ll be at the wheel of a real, production BMW i3 for the very first time.

Leather Seats and Wooden Dash Costs you £2000

The BMW i3’s interior is warm, welcoming, but very modern.

As with many press events, time behind the wheel will be limited, so we’ve decided to wait until press cars are available before recording any Quick Charge or Charged Up episodes, but we will be sharing our initial thoughts of the i3 and the i3 REX with you in the coming days.

But what do you want to know about this important car? Perhaps you’ve got a niggling question you’d like some clarity on from BMW representatives, or perhaps you’d like to know how practical the i3’s touch-screen displays are to use?

Or perhaps you want to know how easy it is to achieve BMW’s claimed 80-100 mile range with normal, everyday driving, or how easy it is to get into the rear seats using the i3’s rearward hinging back doors?

Leaving from central London and heading out to the legendary Brands Hatch racetrack, we’ll be given the chance to put the i3 through its paces on the congested streets of the UK’s capital city, slink through sleepy suburbia and of course, put the pedal to the floor on the motorway.  While doing so, we’ll be covering the usual bases like performance, range, handling and driving experience  as best we can in our time with the i3, from both a drivers’ and passengers’ perspective.

If you can’t wait for our official write up, don’t worry: we’ll be tweeting our thoughts throughout the day when safe to from our Twitter account, using the hashtag #BMWi3.

Do you have a particular question you’d like us to try and answer in our brief period with the BMW i3? Leave your requests in the Comments below or sent us a tweet @TransportEvolve  and we’ll do our best to answer them.



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  • Guest

    We would like to know why the EV only i3 does not have a better range than the current competition (ok, maybe ask this last so that you don’t scare them away ;)nnWe would like to know more about the thermal management system for the occupants, for the charger/inverter, for the motor, for the battery, and for the REx.nWe would like to know more about the REx performance.nnWe would like to know if the car has a Hold Charge mode (running on REx first, then on battery).nWe would like to know about BMW’s plans to manufacture the i3 in the US.nWe would like to know BMW’s efforts if any to deploy a charging infrastructure.nWe would like to know more about future BMW and Mini plugin vehicles.

  • CDspeed

    I’d like more information on the heat pump, how much does it effect the range of the pure electric version?

  • Tommolog

    Nikki: Questions posted on my blog:nn1)Please do a range test! Drive normally with a 50/50 mix of highway and ncity and run it till you get the warning bells and whistles please!nn2)Since stopping is possible just by releasing foot from accelerator, does the braking tail red light illuminate?nnI have seen some german video showing problems of opening the second raw ndoor while first raw passengers are buckled up. Can you check this out?nnCould you please fold the back seats and take a picture of the extended cargo area?nnWhen in REx mode, is the waste heat available for heating? How quickly does it warm up the cab? nnHow does it heat in EV mode? Heat pump or heat strip or radiation pads?nnThank you!

    • CDspeed

      This was in official press photos from BMW.

      • Tommolog

        Thanks. I have a few pictures of this that I took myself. I was giving Nikki the questions posted on by blog. This is better than the pictures I took though 😉

        • CDspeed

          I know I saw the comment, but it’s just there are some things people ask that blow my mind simply because their question is easily answered with a quick search. I got that pic off

    • Grant Thomas

      Heat Pump is not standard; its a u00a3560 option.

  • Dennis Pascual

    One of the things that has been bugging me the most involves the REX. Are they for or against this? It seems that there have been conflicting reports over “daily use” of the REX.nnnI drive 102 mile roundtrips often. I currently have access to an EVSE at each end, so this is not a problem. However, my office is moving and my commute will increase to 106 mile roundtrips AND I will be losing access to an EVSE or even 110V charging.nnnAdditionally, I do not drive conservatively. I’m closer to 3.0 miles per kwh than 4.0 miles per kwh on my efficiency (as measured on the ActiveE).nnnWhat would be the BMW solution for this?

  • Jonathan Tracey

    real world milage at motorway 70mph speeds with aircon/heating on please 🙂

    • Jonathan Tracey

      both with and without the range extender please

  • Grant Thomas

    Can you drive the car in EV mode when the battery drops below 20%?

    • Tommolog

      Yes you can Grant. You can actually shut the range extender off so that it doesn’t turn on at all if you want to.