BMW i3 Electric Hatchback: What Do YOU Want To Know?

It’s one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2013, and even managed to get TopGear magazine singing its praises earlier this year.

We’ve already shared our opinion of its styling, fit, finish and trim after a chance encounter in September, but in a little over 24-hours, we’ll be at the wheel of a real, production BMW i3 for the very first time.

Leather Seats and Wooden Dash Costs you £2000

The BMW i3’s interior is warm, welcoming, but very modern.

As with many press events, time behind the wheel will be limited, so we’ve decided to wait until press cars are available before recording any Quick Charge or Charged Up episodes, but we will be sharing our initial thoughts of the i3 and the i3 REX with you in the coming days.

But what do you want to know about this important car? Perhaps you’ve got a niggling question you’d like some clarity on from BMW representatives, or perhaps you’d like to know how practical the i3’s touch-screen displays are to use?

Or perhaps you want to know how easy it is to achieve BMW’s claimed 80-100 mile range with normal, everyday driving, or how easy it is to get into the rear seats using the i3’s rearward hinging back doors?

Leaving from central London and heading out to the legendary Brands Hatch racetrack, we’ll be given the chance to put the i3 through its paces on the congested streets of the UK’s capital city, slink through sleepy suburbia and of course, put the pedal to the floor on the motorway.  While doing so, we’ll be covering the usual bases like performance, range, handling and driving experience  as best we can in our time with the i3, from both a drivers’ and passengers’ perspective.

If you can’t wait for our official write up, don’t worry: we’ll be tweeting our thoughts throughout the day when safe to from our Twitter account, using the hashtag #BMWi3.

Do you have a particular question you’d like us to try and answer in our brief period with the BMW i3? Leave your requests in the Comments below or sent us a tweet @TransportEvolve  and we’ll do our best to answer them.



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