UK Tesla Motors Model S Price Officially Released

It’s the moment many UK EV enthusiasts have been waiting for, official confirmation of the Tesla Motors [NASDAQ:TSLA] Model S pricing.

Which One Will You Go For?

Which One Will You Go For?

Elon Musk, CEO and co-founder of Tesla, hinted at the price at the opening of the new London store, but now Transport Evolved can confirm that the right-hand drive, UK Model S will start from £50,280 – this is with the UK Government plug-in grant that reduces the price by £5,000 and the Destination and Regulatory Doc Fee.

It is expected that the first UK deliveries will start around March 2014 and will take place in the order in which the reservations were placed.

The base model spec is much the same as everywhere else, coming with the massive 19″ wheels, black solid paint and black textile seats as standard. If you are interested in pricing up your very own Model S, we’ve had a look at some of the extras and their costs below:

  • 11kW on-board charging comes as standard – able to operate in single or three phase modes – but this can be upgraded to 22kW at a cost of £1,250.
  • SuperCharging, while part of the package with the 85kWh model, will cost £1,900 on the 60kWh model if fitted at the factory or £2,400 if fitted afterward.
  • The much sought-after Tech Package (containing on-board maps for Europe, LED cornering lights, keyless entry and power folding and heated side mirrors to name but a few awesome features) will set one back £3,200.
  • The breath-taking glass roof will be £2,100.
  • The Smart Air Suspension – the cool system where the car will adjust its hight from the road to reduce drag – will set you back an additional £1,900.
  • Leather interior will be £2,100 and the suede-like Alcantara will be £1,250 (although this is included if you opt for the 85kWh battery model).

The car itself comes with a new car warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles. While the 60kWh battery has a warranty of 8 years or 125,000 miles while the 80kWh battery pack has a warranty of 8 years with as much mileage as you like.

Model S with Red Tesla Multi-Coat Paint (£1,250) and Panoramic Roof  (£2,100)

Model S with Red Tesla Multi-Coat Paint (£1,250) and Panoramic Roof (£2,100)

As we like to do with all cars when their price lists come out, we have worked out what a top-spec, every option included version of the car will set you back. With the Model S, by our reckoning, that’s £100,730 – but for that, you get one hell of a car!

Prices were correct at time of going to print.

What do you think of the UK pricing? Are you tempted to sign up for a Model S? Let us know below.


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