Industrial Accident At Tesla: Latest News

Yesterday evening the electric car world was reeling after the news that an industrial accident at Tesla’s Fremont manufacturing facility, where the popular Model S luxury sedan is made, had left three workers in hospital receiving treatment for burns.

Tesla Factory pressing machine

Tesla Factory pressing machine

At the time, a brief official statement from Tesla confirmed that the accident happened when a failure in a low pressure aluminium casting press left three employees with burn injuries from hot metal.  The accident occured just after noon local time.

As we explained yesterday, a large proportion of the Model S — from its chassis to its door panels — is built from Aluminium, so it’s unclear at present where in the production line the failure occured, or what the impact of this will be on Model S production in the coming days.

Yesterday evening local time one of the workers was released from the Valley Medical Center in San Jose after treatment for second-degree burns.  His two colleagues have been kept in overnight, a hospital spokeswoman confirmed.

Talking with the San Jose Mercury News outside the hospital after visiting his employees to “make sure they’re OK and getting the best possible care,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave a brief update on their condition and the extent of their injuries.

“In two cases… it’s hot metal splash on them,” he confirmed, saying that they should make a full recovery. The third worker’s prognosis is less clear. “In the case of Jesus, his hands were burned pretty badly so it’s not clear what the recovery is going to be. We want to have that recovery as much as possible and we’ll do everything we can on that part.”

The Transport Evolved team would like to take this opportunity to send the family, friends, and colleagues of those injured in this unfortunate incident our thoughts and hope those injured make a speedy and complete recovery.


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