Guest Post: Happy Retirement, George Blankenship

George Blankenship“Hello? Is that Michael? This is George, George Blankenship… From Tesla Motors.” said the voice on the other end of the cell phone call.

That’s how I met George Blankenship – “Director of Smiles for the Blankenship Family.

At the time he was working for Tesla Motors and, he was asking for my help. Yes, that’s right, I know exactly how Bat Kid felt the day that Batman called by to ask if he wouldn’t mind helping him save San Francisco!

George Blankenship, born in the 50’s, started his real career at the end of the 70’s when he joined Donald G. Fisher and Doris F. Fisher at their modest San Francisco based clothing store, GAP.  As a store manager, responsible for the simple day-to-day operations he quickly rose through the ranks from operations through real-estate and store design to company wide strategy. In his 20-year tenure at GAP he oversaw the growth of the company from a healthy 500 stores to a global retail presence of over  3,000 stores. His particular talent was clear and was felt throughout the retail clothing industry – GAP and its different brands from Old Navy to Banana Republic was and is, a cool place to shop.

In 2000 George retired… briefly, before being called up by Apple mid year to help Ron Johnson with the, at the time, shaky Apple brand. Ironically, Johnson had been suggested to Apple by the then CEO of GAP,  Millard Drexler. Ron and George set about their tasks of redesigning and locating new stores respectively. Georges’ experience with GAP led him to locate stores in busy high-end Shopping Malls instead of following the big-box electrical retailers such as CompUSA (Remember those guys?) and BestBuy into outdoor consumer electronic focused locations. Together, Ron and George created exciting stores right where the people were.

In late 2006, George retired again. This time it almost stuck but, in 2009, he teamed up with Microsoft to look at their failed retail operation however, it didn’t seem to be a great fit so when Elon Musk invited George, in 2010, to take the reigns at Tesla Motors, to do with Tesla what he’d done with first GAP then Apple, “How could you not?” he said.

George took Tesla to the world doing exactly what he’d done with GAP and Apple; he put retail stores in high-end Shopping centers. Madness or Genius? Well, when George started at Tesla, they had already sold more than 2,000 cars into the US, Canada and Europe as well as Hong Kong and Australia yet, Joe Normal had little clue that they existed. By placing stores exactly where Joe Normal shops, he now, not only knows who Tesla are but probably looks longingly through the store front each time he passes… or is that just me?

George has taken Tesla into so many new countries, including his final triumph, China so, why did George ask for my help? Well, that’s his style, “Trust people until they give you a good reason not to, they usually don’t.” He was reaching out to me as a partner at Tesla Motors Club – I look after the engine, tending to the machine that powers the site along with my partners, the founder Daniel Sacks and the real hard workers; an army of real EV devotees managed by Doug King, the head moderator. George was looking for our input on some significant site change that they were making in readiness for the Model S launch. “You guys comb over everything we produce and I know if we make the slightest mistake, it’ll surface so, I wondered if you might take a look at the site before we go live?

Copyright Chad SchwittersWas it a genuine request for help and support or a backhanded critique of our obsessive nature? I learnt that, it was the former. George was already a regular member and commenter on the TeslaMotorsClub forum – a valuable link between enthusiasts and company and, the call was the first of many that united fans and company culminating in our getting to meet Elon, to rapturous applause,  on stage at our first annual members meet-up. “I couldn’t miss it!” said George at the after-party that night after he’d flown thousands of miles to be there before departing for the other side of the world on Monday.

George called me to let me know he was leaving Tesla and thanked me and the whole Tesla Motors Club team for the good times – a mark of how George does business and a fascinating insight into how and what makes a proven leader like George so successful. I’ve written that down.

I, we, wish George the very best in his latest retirement. Maybe this one will stick.



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  • J Groves

    Great article! Completely syncs with my interactions with George as well. A real champion for all of us owners as well as for Tesla. And he did know how to have a good time. Still remember the Teslive party as well as the Motor Trend event party!nnBest wishes to a true friend and one hell of a business genius!

  • Great story u2026 Thanks, and best wishes to George B.

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    Pellegrini: Mourinhou2019s ‘mind games’ not importantnn nnAgen Bola terpercaya reported, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini is ignoring Jose Mourinho’s attempted mind games late in the campaign. nnAfter a shock 1-0 loss to Crystal Palace on Saturday, Mourinho said it was impossible for his side to win the Premier League. Chelsea is two points adrift of league leaders Liverpool, while City is a further two points back with two games in hand. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya had no interest in responding to Mourinho and said the mind games meant nothing. He said: “I don’t think other managers can be giving any importance to those mind games. I don’t know if you think managers who play mind games are more intelligent? I don’t think so.u2019u2019 as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya added: “I don’t respond to it because I don’t know what he says. It’s not my duty to respond to what Mourinho says. I don’t know the way he thinks.” City has two games in hand on the top two and has trips to Liverpool and Everton to come in the latter stages of the season.nnSource

  • sokly

    Pochettino: Lallana the same level as Xavi and Iniestann nnAgen Bola terpercaya reported, Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino declared captain Adam Lallana is at the same level as Barcelona’s Xavi and Andres Iniesta. nnThe silky midfielder created his team’s second goal and scored the third in Southampton’s 4-0 thumping of Newcastle in the Premier League on Saturday and Pochettino believes Lallana is on a par with the best midfielders in the world. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya said: “We haven’t seen a player like that in this country for a long time. I am always telling him that he has the characteristics of a Spanish player and he has the skills of an Iniesta, Xavi or (Cesc) Fabregas.” as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya produced a sublime chip over the visiting defence for Rickie Lambert to score in the 49th minute, before the Southampton skipper blasted home from over 20 yards. It is that combination of creativity and attacking intensity which makes Pochettino rank Lallana so highly.nnHe added: “Adam is special. he is a very unique player. There is not another player in the country like him.”nnSource

  • Jonh World

    zane wants a good place in A-League finals seriesnn nnAgen Bola terpercaya reported, Newcastle Jets caretaker coach Clayton Zane has urged his deflated side to pick themselves up quickly and fight for a coveted spot in the A-League finals series.nnThe seventh-placed Jets missed a chance to leapfrog Sydney FC on the A-League table as two minutes of madness against Perth Glory at nib Stadium on Sunday cost them dearly. Glory scored in the 84th and 85th minutes to steal the three points from Newcastle’s grasp and dent the Jets’ hopes of qualifying for their first finals series since 2010. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya conceded his team had to win both remaining matches against Melbourne Victory and Adelaide United to have any chance of finishing inside the top six. as reported by Agen Bola terpercaya said “We’re looking at four (points) minimum, but I think you need six (points) to make the six and one thing that’s positive is we’ve got two home matches and we’ve won our last two at home” nnHe added u201cI hope we can put in two very solid performances in front of the home fans and really give the top six a shake”nnSource

  • Jonh World

    Balas Komentar Sherwood, Rodgers: Liverpool Tak Sedikitpun Tertekannn nnBerita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 u2013Liverpool – Manajer Liverpool Brendan Rodgers tak segan menjawab komentar pedas manajer Tottenham Hotspur Tim Sherwood. Rodgers menekankan bahwa anak asuhnya tak terbebani apapun meski dalam jalur persaingan juara.nnSeperti yang telah diberitakan sebelumnya, Sherwood melontarkan komentar pedas kepada Liverpool jelang lawatan ke Anfield, Minggu (30/3/2014) malam WIB. Manajer 45 tahun ini meragukan kemampuan Liverpool mengatasi tekanan dalam persaingan gelar.nn’Si Merah’ memang kini menjadi salah satu kandidat juara Liga Inggris bersama Chelsea, Manchester City, dan Arsenal. Liverpool sementara menempati posisi dua klasemen dengan nilai 68, tertinggal satu angka dari Chelsea di posisi terdepan. Sementara City dan Arsenal berturut-turut di belakang dengan masing-masing 66 dan 63 poin.nnAgen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya u2013Meski belum terkalahkan di 12 laga liga sepanjang 2014 ini, Liverpool diragukan Sherwood bisa mengimbangi Chelsea dan City. Dua tim yang terakhir disebut ini dinilai punya pengalaman lebih oke dalam mengatasi tekanan.nnMenanggapi hal ini, Rodgers menyatakan bahwa anak-anak asuhnya tak terbebani apapun dan nothing to lose. Kenyataannya, meski ikut dalam persaingan gelar, tapi sejak awal Liverpool memang cuma ditargetkan lolos ke Liga Champions. nn”Kami sangat rileks. Kami fokus. Tidak ada keharusan kepada kami terkait di mana posisi kami berada, jadi jelas tidak ada tekanan,” kata Rodgers.nnSumberhttp://

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    Campagnaro Waspadai Daya Juang Bianconerinn nnBerita terbaru dan terkini Bola Soccer dari Agen Bola Indo11 u2013Turin – Inter Milan bakal melawat ke markas Juventus dinihari nanti. Bek Inter Hugo Campagnaro memprediksi laga itu tak akan mudah karena tuan rumah selalu bisa menunjukkan semangat pantang menyerah.nnInter berbekal penampilan kurang meyakinkan pada laga tandang ke Juventus Stadium. Tim besutan Walter Mazzarri itu tak pernah menang dalam empat laga terakhirnya.nnAgen Bola Indo11 Terpercaya u2013Sebaliknya, Juve mempunyai jejak rekam positif di kandang sendiri pada 19 laga terakhir. Anak asuh Antonio Conte belum pernah kalah di markas. Mereka juga belum tersentuh kekalahan pada 13 laga terakhir di liga. nnJuve tersandung saat menghadapi AS Roma di perempatfinal Coppa Italia. menghadapi Lazio berakhir seri. Torehan Juve sedikit ternoda dengan kalah dari AS Roma 0-1 pada perempatfinal Coppa Italia. nnSumberhttp://

  • The Reds Diminta Fokus Raih Tiga Poinnn nn terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday – Liverpool berpeluang mendekati titel dan menyingkirkan satu rival dalam persaingan kala menjamu Chelsea minggu ini.nnagen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Mengoleksi nilai 80, anak asuh Brendan Rodgers unggul lima angka dari Chelsea di urutan kedua.nnMignolet mengingatkan rekan-rekannya agar fokus sepenuhnya dalam usaha meraih angka maksimal atas Chelsea.nn Kiper asal Belgia itu meminta hal-hal di luar lapangan agar dikesampingkan.nn”Sebagai sebuah tim dan juga sebagai seorang individu, satu-satunya hal yang bisa kami pikirkan ketika memasuki lapangan adalah melakukan tugas dan mencoba mengerahkan yang terbaik sebisa mungkin,” kata Mignolet di situs resmi klub.nn”Jika Anda tampil baik sebagai sebuah tim, Anda mendapatkan tiga poin tersebut. Itulah yang telah kami lakukan sepanjang musim, jadi kenapa harus mengubah itu di tiga pertandingan terakhir,” tutup dia.nnSumber

  • sokly

    Allen : Liverpool Hanya Sedang Menikmati Momennn nn terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday u2013 Tengah memimpin klasemen, Liverpool diragukan bisa mengatasi tekanan di persaingan gelar.nnagen bola City Holiday Terpercaya u2013 Pasalnya nak-anak Merseyside dinilai kurang berpengalaman memimpin adu sprint, apalagi menghadapi rival-rival seperti Chelsea dan Manchester City.nnTapi kenyataannya Liverpool mematahkan segala anggapan dan membuktikan mampu bresaing dengan tim-tim besar lain.nnTerkait tekanan, gelandang Liverpool Joe Allen menekankan bahwa timnya saat ini justru menikmati situasi dan atmosfernya.nn”Saya pikir hal terbesarnya adalah bahwa kami menikmati ini. Manajemen, staf, para pemain, penggemar, semua orang telah memainkan peranannya. Ini akan jadi akhir yang menyenangkan musim ini. Ada tiga pertandingan tersisa dan kami perlu menjaga hal ini,” ucap Allen.nnSumber

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    Inter Tak Gentar Dengan Laju Milannn nn terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola City Holiday u2013 AC Milan baru-baru ini tampil oke dengan memenangi lima pertandingan terakhir di Liga Italia.nnagen bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Selayaknya derby, partai ini jelas menjanjikan pertarungan panas dan sengit.nnJika membandingkan laju sejauh ini, Milan sedikit di atas angin.nnSementara Inter, kendatipun juga sudah lima partai terakhir tak pernah kalah, tapi cuma mampu menang dua kali.nnKedua tim pun dipastikan berlomba-lomba mencari bekal bagus untuk pekan depan.nn”Apakah kami khawatir dengan AC Milan? Tidak, saya punya rasa hormat yang besar untuk Milan, tapi saya tidak khawatir dengan performa mereka”. nn”Saya belum pernah tampil di tim yang kalah melawan AC Milan, jadi mari berharap itu berlanjut,” kata bek sayap Inter Yuto Nagatomo dikutip situs resmi klub.nnSumber

  • Wenger doesnu2019t plan for transfer businessnnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger might not do early transfer business, claiming the transfer market for Arsenal will be quiet.nHe said: “Honestly, in my experience in a World Cup year, it [business] has never been done early. Everybody is focused on the World Cup. At the moment you can do nothing because the season is not over. We are today, the 8th of May. The 12th of June is the first World Cup game.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “The Champions League final is on the 24th of May and basically two weeks later it is the start of the World Cup. It is unbelievable. There is no time between the end of the season and the start of the World Cup. Nobody will do anything before the World Cup starts.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya

  • Liverpool wants to see Carroll and Downing try their best to beat City n nnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Liverpool midfielder Lucas Leiva needs help from West Ham carroll and Downing, messaging them to try their best to beat If West Ham wins City, it means that Liverpool has its last chance to win the title upon beating Newcastle.nLucas asks Carroll and Downing to do Liverpool a favour since the two are Liverpoolu2019s former player. He believes the two will help Liverpool by beating City in the next game. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya said: “They have been here with us, working with us and I’m sure they will do their best to get points for West Ham first and if they can help us. But it’s not in our hands anymore.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “We just have to improve and see if we can get any luck now until the end of the season, even if we know it is hard now.”nSource

  • Messi criticizes media report for incorrect informationn nnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Barcelona star Lionel Messi is annoyed by and denies rumours that he plans to leave Barcelona, calling it “nonsense and most of them lies.” He even criticized all those incorrect media report.nHe said: “A lot of information about me was published in the last weeks and also throughout the year, and they were nonsense and most of them lies. I’m feeling fine and the important thing here is that we depend on ourselves to win the title.” as reported by Agen bola terpercaya remains hopeful to win title if they win two games and believes in the clubu2019s ability and quality to win. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “Now we have the chance to win the title depending on ourselves. We must make the most of this opportunity and we’ll try not to fail.u201dnSource

  • Sandro not wanting to see Sherwood in TottenhamnnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Sandro doesnu2019t have a good relationship with Tottenham manager Sherwood and expects him to be sacked as soon as possible. He was quoted by the media to have connection with Sao Paulo but chairman Levy doesnu2019t want to see his leaving the club.nSandro said: u201cHe [Sherwood] will leave at the end of the season. Then, new coach, new everything.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: u201cI donu2019t know anything about it yet but Iu2019m happy to have my name linked to a club the size of Sao Paulo but it would be very difficult to leave Tottenham on loan. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya I were to leave, it would have to be on a permanent transfer and that is not close. Other teams have shown an interest but they have offered little money.u201dnSource

  • Man Utdu2019s Ferdinand aiming for continued future football careernnnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Defender Rio Ferdinand, whose contract nearly expires in M.united, shows his intention to continue his playing job next season even though he will play with United or other clubs.nHe said: “I am fit, I am healthy and I want to continue playing. The club at the moment is in a position where they can’t really make any decisions about anything.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya looks forwards to the clubu2019s new manager and his decision to evaluate him. Whatever decision will be made, he will respect it. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: u201cFor me to be saying I want to do this or that is irrelevant, because we have got to see who the new manager becomes. I just want the best solution for the club. Whatever it is, then I will respect it. After that I am open to offers.u201dnSource

  • Ferdinand: United might be wrong to allow Vidic to leaven nnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Rio Ferdinand doesnu2019t support M.united to allow Vidic to leave the club at the end of the season. Vidic plans to join Italy for Inter next season and for Ferdinand the same mistake will happen to United when this club allowed Stam to leave for Lazio.nHe said: “Only time will tell if Manchester United regret allowing him to leave. Obviously Jaap Stam played on for quite a few years at a good level after he left Man United and the same thing could happen with Nemanja.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “He’s a great player and it’s a shame he had to leave. United play their last match of the Premier League season at Southampton on Sunday.u2019u2019 as reported by Agen bola terpercaya

  • Ferdinand optimistic about England in upcoming World CupnnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand shows his optimism about England in the upcoming World Cup. England will compete with Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica with its first fixture against Italy.nFerdinand raises the healthy position of young players for England and expects the exciting time during the World Cup play for his national team. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya said: “It is a brilliant position for them to be in; they have been given almost a free hit to go there and to produce.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “They have a great bunch of young players and I think attacking-wise it is the best condition we have gone into a tournament with for years, in terms of fitness, youth, fearlessness through age, and guys who have done well this season with their clubs.u201dnSource

  • Starlet Januzaj willing to learn from RonaldonnAgen bola terpercaya reported, Manchester United winger Adnan Januzaj is very interested in Ronaldo and willing to learn from him by tracking his performances in every game he plays.nHe said: “I watch him a lot and try to do the same things that he does. He is a very good player. I always look at him and watch his games as well and try to do what he is doing and remember what he did at Manchester United.u201d as reported by Agen bola terpercaya is determined to work hard in the gym to be stronger. He even talked about Ronaldo when he was in M.united. as reported by Agen bola terpercaya added: “I have to work hard in the gym like he did because, when he came here, he wasn’t strong. But after a year or so he became really strong and could push people away. I’m getting a bit stronger now due to the gym work.”nSource

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    Huawei Ascend P7 Resmi Diperkenalkannn nnBerita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola City Holiday – Produsen smartphone Cina, Huawei, akhirnya merilis produk handphone pintar paling baru miliknya.nnAgen Bola City Holiday Terpercaya – Handphone tersebut adalah Huawei Ascend P7. Kemunculan handphone ini pun cukup unik, karena didahului oleh saudara kecilnya, yakni Ascend P7 mini yang telah diperkenalkan beberapa hari kemarin.nnHandphone Ascend P7 ini menawarkan spesifikasi yang tinggi dan desain premium. Pihak Huawei pun membalut smartphone ini dengan frame alumunium. Tak cukup itu, handphone ini juga mempunyai lapisan pelindung Gorilla Glass 3 pada bagian depan dan belakangnya.nnHandphone ini menggunakan Android KitKat 4.4 dan dilengkapi UI Emotion 2.3. Selanjutnya terdapat prosesor quad core HiSilicon Kirin 919T yang mempunyai kecepatan 1.8Ghz dengan grafis Mali 450.nnMengenai harganya, pihak Huawei akan mendatangkan ponsel pintar ini ke pasaran dengan banderol sebesar 625 USD atau setara 7,2 juta rupiah.nnSumber

  • quess124

    Petenis Berbakat Serbia Bermunculannn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Regenerasi petenis kelas dunia asal Serbia tampaknya tidak berhenti hanya di Janko Tipsarevic dan Nenad Zimonjic saja. Kini ada pria berusia 24 tahun, Dusan Lajovic yang telah menembus 100 besar ATP rangkings.nnTepatnya pada 10 Februari 2014 lalu, ia mengikuti jejak seniornya Novak Djokovic masuk ke dalam deretan top 100 petenis dunia. Tak menunggu waktu lama, kini posisinya di ATP Rangkings pun menanjak drastis berkat penampilan gemilangnya di Bastad dan Hamburg yang menembus babak perempatfinal.nnKini Lajovic bertengger di posisi ke-58 dunia. Mengandalkan kekuatan di tangan kanannya, Lajovic sukses membuat kejutan di Roland Garros 2014, di mana ia berhasil melangkah hingga babak keempat tanpa sedikit pun kecurian set di setiap pertandingan sebelum ia mendapat pelajaran dari petenis nomor dua dunia, Rafael Nadal. nnu201cBerada di pekan kedua dalam sebuah turnamen Grand Slam adalah pencapaian terbaik saya sejauh ini. Saya rasa dengan terbiasanya bermain dengan atmosfer seperti ini akan menambah kualitas pada diri Anda sendiri,u201d tutur Lajovic.nnu201cBerada di sekitar petenis top dunia setiap saat membuat Anda terus berkembang, dan yang diperlukan hanyalah tetap rendah diri,u201d tambahnya.nnLajovic juga berpartisipasi dalam Davis Cup bersama tim nasional Serbia dan seniornya, Djokovic. Pengalaman bermain di turnamen Davis Cup membuat permainannya berkembang dan konsisten di turnamen ATP Worl Tour.

  • wasignton124

    Jerman Akan Gelar F1 Dua Kali Semusimnn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Ada kabar menyebutkan bahwa Jerman bisa menyelenggarakan dua Grand Prix (GP) dalam satu tahun. Hal itu terucap dari kepala sirkuit Nurburgring, Robertino Liar.nnKabar ini pun menyeruak di media-media olahraga Eropa dan menyebut bahwa ada kesepakatan baru antara pihak Nurburgring dengan bos Formula One (F1) Bernice Ecclestone.nnSebelumnya F1 hanya mampir ke Jerman sekali semusim, tepatnya di sirkuit Hockenheimring yang baru saja menjadi tuan rumah seri kesepuluh F1 akhir pekan lalu. Pihak Hockenheimring pun bereaksi atas kabar ini dengan nada keras, mereka merasa dirugikan karena memiliki kontrak dengan pihak F1 hingga musim 2018.nnUntuk itu, Robertino mencoba memfasilitasi protes dari pihak Hockenheimring. Walaupun pada kenyataannya ia akan merampungkan kesepakatan dengan Bernie Ecclestone dalam waktu dekat. Maka dari itu, kemungkinan F1 GP Jerman akan berlangsung dua kali dalam semusim bisa saja terjadi.nnu201cSaya dan Bernie Ecclestone akan menyelesaikan kesepakatan dalam beberapa bulan ke depan. Kami akan menegaskan bahwa Nurburgring akan menjadi tuan rumah F1 untuk jangka waktu yang lama,u201d ucap Robertino.

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    Klopp Janji Akan Kunyah Sapu Lidi Jika Hummels ke MUnn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Pelatih Borussia Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp memiliki cara unik untuk menepis rumor transfer yang terus berkembang mengenai bek tengah andalannya, Mats Hummels. Pria 47 tahun ini berjanji akan memakan sapu lidi seandainya Hummels benar-benar pindah musim ini ke Manchester United.nnTentu saja janji aneh ini diucapkan Klopp sebagai sarkasme. Ini adalah cara unik yang ditempuh pria tempramental ini untuk menegaskan bahwa Hummels akan tetap di Signal-Iduna Park, setidaknya sampai akhir musim 2014-15.nn”Jika (rumor transfer) itu bukanlah omong kosong, saya akan memakan sapu lidi.”nn’Nazar’ aneh ini segera menjadi pemberitaan hangat di media Inggris. Tentu tak terbayangkan apa reaksi Klopp seandainya transfer tersebut benar-benar terwujud.nnHummels sendiri santer diberitakan menjadi target utama United dalam beberapa tahun terakhir. Menyusul hengkangnya dua pilar di posisi bek tengah, Rio Ferdinand dan Nemanja Vidic, urgensi bagi MU untuk mendatangkan pemain Timnas Jerman tersebut semakin meningkat.

  • bon tong

    Montella: Fiorentina must improvenn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Fiorentina coach Vincenzo Montella says his side has to improve, despite the Italians recording a 3-0 win over Dinamo Minsk.nnThe Viola took all three points from the tie in Belarus following a first half strike from Alberto Aquilani and goals from Josip Ilicic and Federico Bernardeschi after the inverval.nnThey are now three points clear at the top of Group K, having won both their opening games.nn”It was important to win today and consolidate first place,” Montella told reporters after the match.nn”We put in a good performance, but afforded them far too many chances due to a lack of concentration.”

  • Som Bol

    Lloris: We didn’t deserve to winnn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Hugo Lloris accepts that Besiktas deserved a point from Thursday’s 1-1 draw with Tottenham, despite relying on a late penalty to share the spoils.nnThe goalkeeper, who was Spurs’ captain on the night, produced a man-of-the-match display to thwart Demba Ba & Co. multiple times, with Harry Kane netting an opener against the run of player in the first half.nnLloris has urged his team-mates not to dwell on the disappointment, insisting the Turkish side were a formidable opponent for the Premier League club.nn”Maybe it will be a clearer penalty on the replay,” he told ITV. “It was a tough game against a big Turkish team and maybe the teams deserved to draw.nn”It’s football – sometimes you don’t play a great game but you have to know how to win.”

  • Benitez: We had the perfect attitudenn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Napoli coach Rafael Benitez says he was delighted with his side’s performance in their 2-0 win over Slovan Bratislava on Thursday, insisting their attitude was “almost perfect”.nnMarek Hamsik scored his team’s first goal against his former club, before helping to seal the victory by setting up Gonzalo Higuain for the second.nnu201cI substituted Hamsik towards the end because it was only right to give him that recognition of applause from the fans in Slovakia,” Benitez told reporters after the game. “It seemed positive to me.u201dnnu201cWe had the game under control and I really liked the attitude, which was almost perfect, as the team was calm and needed that confidence.nn”We must now continue along that path, as everyone knew what they had to do.”

  • quess124

    Uang Bukan Alasan Di Maria Gabung MUnn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Tuntutan gaji tinggi santer dikabarkan jadi alasan Real Madrid akhirnya melego Angel Di Maria ke Manchester United. Anggapan itupun dibantah tegas oleh Di Maria.nnPelatih Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, belum lama ini mengklaim bahwa klubnya terpaksa menjual winger internasional Argentina itu karena Di Maria meminta gaji yang terlalu tinggi. nnSetelah ditebus MU dengan 59,7 juta pound. Di Maria disebut-sebut menerima bayaran sebesar 200 ribu pound per pekannya. Besarnya gaji Di Maria dibayarnya dengan penampilan oke. Dalam empat penampilan terakhirnya, Di Maria telah mengemas tiga gol dan empat assist dalam tujuh penampilannya di Premier League.nn”Aku dipenuhi banyak perasaan menakjubkan dengan pindah ke Man United. Aku sangat bangga dengan diriku sendiri. Sulit dijelaskan dan diucapkan dengan kata-kata. Aku benar-benar ingin pindah ke MU. Aku ingin mengenakan kaus ini,” ungkapnya.nn”Dan menyenangkan rasanya mengenakan kaus nomor 7, yang pernah dipakai oleh beberapa pemain terhebat dalam sejarah klub dan aku tahu bahwa ini adalah hal yang di mata semua fans Man United.”nn”Aku pikir banyak orang-orang senang terhadapku. Jadi aku harus menghormati kaus ini. Aku akui aku memiliki semua ekspektasi ini, tapi Man United sudah melebihi ekspektasiku. Segala hal berjalan sempurna bagiku sejauh ini,” tutupnya.

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    Nadal Pastikan Absen di Londonnn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Rafel Nadal langsung mengalihkan fokusnya ke Brazil setelah, gagal ke Final ATP bulan depan di London karena menderita usus buntu. Nadal pun mengatakan jika dirinya bakal kembali bermain di turnamen musim depan yakni Rio Open 2015.nnKabar tersebut sejatinya tak terlalu mengagetkan. Pasalnya beberapa waktu lalu, Nadal juga sempat bimbang terbang London atau tidak. Hingga kekalahannya 2-6, 6-7 (4-7) atas Borna Cilic di turnamen Swiss Indoor di Basel membuatnya menemukan jawaban atas kondisinya.nn”Ini hari di mana, saya harus mengucapkan selamat tinggal musim ini. Saya tidak akan bermain di Paris dan London. Saya tidak cukup kompetitif untuk melakukan itu,” ucapnya.nn”Saya perlu memulihkan performa, karena sejak Australia belum 100 persen pulih. Itu membutuhkan waktu dengan jangka waktu lima pekan kedepan untuk kembali pulih. Saya mencoba memperbaiki semua hal yang mengganggu. Selama satu bulan di Desember, sata terus bekerja keras dan bakal kembali pada awal 2015,” tandasnya.

  • aesd124

    Perkuat Tim, Spurs Datangkan Dua Pemain Anyarnn Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Persiapan terus dilakukan klub NBA jelang bergulirnya kompetisi musim 2014-2015. San Antonio Spurs misalnya yang sudah mulai memperkuat skuat mereka dengan mendatangkan dua pemain anyar di masa pra-musim kali ini.nnDua pemain tersebut adalah Robert Vaden dan Fuquan Edwin. Kedua pemain resmi di kontrak oleh tim yang keluar sebagai juara NBA musim lalu itu dengan nilai kontrak yang masih dirahasiakan.nnVaden adalah pemain gaek berusia 29 tahun. Meski tak muda lagi, pemain itu sudah dipersiapkan untuk melangkah ke kancah NBA sejak tahun 2009 sejak menimba ilmu di Universitas Alabama di Birmingham. nnSatu pemain anyar Spurs lainnya yakni Edwin adalah mantan pemain Seton Hall University. Ia mencetak rata-rata 12,9 poin, 4,8 rebound dan 2,3 steal dalam 30.3 menit bermain. Selain itu, Edwin juga sempat berpartisipasi bersama Oklahoma City Thunder dalam turnamen musim panas Orlando beberapa waktu lalu.

  • bon tong

    Arsenal Will Move To Moussa Sissoko In Januarynn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Arsenal prepares a proposal to try to midfielder Moussa Sissoko Newcastle United mainstay.nnAccording to the Sunday Times, and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is to get a big hit last week when his favorite midfield duo Jack Wilshere and Mikel Arteta should be absent in the future.nnFrance is aware of the shortcomings of the team was in the midfield sector was put Sissoko name as a key target in the next transfer window.nnThe Sissoko, 25, a key figure of the band Alan Pardew in the recovery period after the team had at the beginning of the season retreat.nnPardew may not be warmly welcomed the interest of Arsenal and refuses to try to attract Sissoko from St James’ Park in the coming new year.

  • Som Bol

    Carlo Ancelotti Wants To Do Clearance and Karim Benzema One Listed in This Policynn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – According to the Sunday Express, at least three of the biggest clubs seize this crude service to French player: Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal.nnThese three Premier League clubs never turned attention, especially now that there are transforming the green light from Ancelotti.nnClaimed by some sources in Spain Translator tactic will sit at the negotiating table with those enthusiasts. The first study of their bids, whether interesting or useful.nnFormer Chelsea coach said about the purge, with the hopes of a number of star players leaving the Santiago Bernabeu.

  • Aaron Ramsey assess the defeat at Manchester United became the pumping action team spirit to return to the trend towards victorynn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – For Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey believes the defeat of Manchester United some time ago became the trigger that actually generate a wave of the team.nnArsenal successfully won a clean sheet in a row to sabotage Borussia Dortmund followed by West Bromwich Albion. And saw a symbolic wealth now comes after Devils defeated Club Rouge.nn”We win in the face of Dortmund mid-week and returned a perfect score in the league, and we hope that we can continue this barrage positive.”nn”It was important to build from the middle of last week, and return to achieve good results, it is very encouraging.”

  • Bojan Krkic’s Father Complained To the Former Barcelona Boss Pep Guardiola Failing to Provide an Opportunity to Prove Class at Camp Nounn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – The 24-year is the club’s academy dropout before penetrating the first team as a teenager in 2007, and mentioned going to follow in the footsteps of Lionel Messi was the star Blaugrana.nnHowever, despite diving more than 100 appearances over four years later, Bojan on loan to AS Roma, AC Milan and Ajax before joining Stoke City in the summer.nnBojan perform satisfactorily at the Britannia Stadium, under the direction of Mark Hughes and his father was sure he will experience the same thing in Catalan if given more opportunity.nnBojan’s father was also admitted to the atmosphere in the locker room is not conducive Barca because his son is preferable to star players.

  • Even So, RD Wants To Compare Burkina Faso Defender With Estonian Players Who Will Come On 25 Decembernn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Coach Persija Jakarta, Rahmat Darmawan, continues to undergo the hunt for foreign players to strengthen his back line in the competition next season. The coach who was familiarly called RD was admitted smitten with Burkina Faso national team defender who is attending the trial along with Persija, which Saidou Madi Panandetiguiri.nnThe player who also has a Belgian passport has followed the trial with the team since the Kemayoran Tigers, December 18 last. nnAccording to RD, Estonian players who are waiting it are Taavi Rahn, who previously strengthen Estonian club, FC Flora. The plan, the 33-year-old will arrive in Jakarta on 25 December.

  • Ga lucita

    Sanchez Became the Foundation of the Arsenal Forward Line This Season with Nine Goals from 15 Appearances in the Leaguenn nnAgen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported – Alexis Sanchez, less than one season to join Arsenal. However, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that Sanchez is a strong candidate winning the best player the Premier League this year.nnSanchez is the object of the Arsenal forward line with a score nine goals from 15 appearances in the league. Chile winger was even scored a brace in two consecutive games, namely against Sunderland and Burnley.nnWhile playing, my plays as a defender. Alexis said u201cI am tall players, but I do not like dealing with short players are very good mobility and moving very fast.u201d So, sometimes he could be another solution to appear as a central striker.

  • siaucabo

    Agen Bola“It is true that against West Ham, the penalty kick is not successful, but from the point of view was, so many assumptions that have sprung up, there is actually no problem behind it all, just thought some people are circling and assumes that any unclear origin, “said Martinez.

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    Agen Bola Would respond that most of the partisans of evil red Manchest stated that they prefer the figure of the Spanish goalkeeper’s than to the arrival of the mega stars Madrid CF this. Yes, it is conveyed directly by the MUST or Manchester United Supporters Trust through their Facebook account website, which is where the supporters are posting a status that reads like this, “If you should choose should retain De Gea or sell directly to Madrid CF as installments of the purchase Madrid mega star, Gareth Bale, then from that which option should you choose? “