A Time-Travelling, Trick-pulling Tesla? Salesforce Has One

You know a brand — specifically an automotive one — has made it big when it stars front and centre in someone else’s ad.

At least, that’s what we think after watching a Tesla Model S star front and centre in SalesForce’s latest 4.5 minute video campaign.

The cloud computing specialist — which has big name clients all round the world — chose its latest ad campaign to name drop some of its current clients as a way of highlighting how prospective customers might need its services to succeed. It is a tad narcissistic, but bear with us because as well as 4.5 minutes of Model S glory, there’s some pretty neat Tesla Model S stunt driving to boot.

The video starts with SalesForce cofounder Parker Harris donning full motor racing gear (from boots to helmet and gloves) and then strapping himself into a bright white Tesla Model S. Performance, of course.

Harris — or what we then assume is his real or virtual stunt double — is then seen driving the Model S out of the belly of a transporter plane, free falling nose first before safely parachuting to the ground. The viewer is then shown scenes of the Model racing around cityscape after cityscape in cities all around the world, visiting SalesForce customers from Google to AT&T, Cisco to Wells Fargo as it goes.

Every time Harris passes another one of SalesForce’s clients, the embroidered logo on his racing overalls change, presumably in an effort to show SalesForce’s gratitude for the custom of some of the biggest business names on the planet.

We’d love to tell you that we noticed the many companies mentioned in the ad, but truth be told, we were too busy watching Harris — okay… his stunt driver — pull U-turns, drift round corners and yes, get some San Francisco air to notice.

Just when we thought the video couldn’t get weirder, the Tesla Model S pulls into a time tunnel, transporting it to the heart of New York City, before visiting London and Paris among other cities, and heading into the future courtesy of what we can only assume is a custom build from Tesla of the Model S’ massive touch-screen interface, designed to give Mr. Harris some flux capacitor action.

And of course, just before the video finishes, we see the Model S swing my Tesla Motor’s Fremont facility where the Model S is manufactured because yes, like so many other big names in the world of tech and business, Tesla is a SalesForce customer.

As to how much is real?  We’re pretty sure there’s a fairly large heap of CGI in this video, but nevertheless the thought of a Tesla Model S pulling tight turns and drifting the rear end — not to mention parachuting SAS style out of a military plane — is probably someone’s ultimate fantasy.

And Harris’ stunt double? That has to be the one, the only tame racing driver known as The Stig, right?

What about you? And when will Tesla make the time travel option available to regular customers? Leave your fun friday thoughts in the Comments below.

[Salesforce, via Autobloggreen]




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