How Quiet is A Nissan LEAF? Italian Ad Tells Us — Along With Other Neat Stuff

With a few notable exceptions like the Zombie Volt competition entry and the Tesla Nod,  official and unofficial advertisements for electric cars have tended to focus on the environmental and financial benefits of owning an electric car. Cue lots of Polar bears, happy flowers and hip middle-aged people who know how to save cash.

But Nissan’s latest Italian ad for its LEAF electric car has chosen to focus on something altogether different: how quiet it is.

The animated ad focuses on a tired worker as he returns home from a hard day at work. Driving home, he dreams of a relaxing evening in but worries that his late-night arrival outside his house will disturb his neighbour’s dog, causing it to bark loudly and wake his own baby.

As any parent can tell you, a screaming, cranky baby does not equal a quiet night in. Instead, it normally equals a sleepless and stressful night.

Luckily for our protagonist however, there’s no need to worry: he’s driving a Nissan LEAF! Because it produces just 21 decibels of sound says the ad — quieter than your average desk fan — it means our hero can arrive home without waking either the neighbour’s dog or his baby.

The ad also highlights the LEAF’s quiet windscreen wipers — acoustically designed to produce as little noise as possible — and its energy-efficient 7-speaker Bose sound system, which — our Italian isn’t as good as it could be — will let you enjoy music up front while your baby sleeps in the back seat.

Short, quirky and different, we love Nissan Italia’s latest LEAF ad, which as InsideEVs tells us, is one of a series of four ads designed to get Italians out of their gas-guzzlers and into the LEAF.

The other three ads focus on how little electricity the LEAF uses, how its Carwings smartphone connectivity, and the benefits of driving a LEAF in the city.

Since my Italian extends only to musical terminology and having an Italian roomie at school, here are the other three ads for you to enjoy for yourself — with or without translation.

Watch them — and tell us what you think in the Comments below.



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