Mysterious Tesla Super Car Appears On Gran Turismo 6: Will It Get Made?

What do you want for Christmas? If you’re an EV-loving geek, the chances are you’d love for the big guy in the red suit to leave a brand new Tesla at the bottom of your bed…but we all know that Tony Stark isn’t real. If we’re talking real, attainable presents, it’s likely either the XBox One or the Playstation 4 are on your list somewhere. But as you probably know, even Santa Claus himself is having a tough time finding either console in stock (online or in the real-world) in the pre-Christmas rush.

Go on Tesla, make it... please...

Go on Tesla, make it… please…

So what about a solution which could let you have not one, but three Teslas, and a new video game without going crazy trying to find the latest console?

Enter Gran Turismo 6 — the fifteenth anniversary edition of the popular Playstation race sim, which launched last week to critical acclaim around the world.  Although its launch follows on from Sony’s recent high-profile launch of its next-generation Playstation 4 games console, Gran Turismo 6 is currently only available for its predecessor, the Playstation 3. The game is a must-buy game for any car fan and promises never-before seen driving realism, stunning graphics, and some of the best production and race cars — not to mention tracks — the world has to offer.

Traditionally, Gran Turismo has sought to replicate real cars from real automakers in exquisite detail, from their design and engine sound down to their engine power curves, road handling and aerodynamic qualities. Automakers, keen to promote their car’s abilities both in the real and virtual world, were only too happy to help, enabling the game’s publisher to produce some truly exceptional digital recreations of everything from classic race cars to quarter million dollar supercars.

For Gran Turismo’s fifteenth anniversary year, Polyphony Digital — the Sony-owned subsidiary behind Gran Turismo — decided to do something different: it approached each automaker and asked them to design a unique virtual grand tourer concept coupe for use in the game. So far, everyone from Mercedes-Benz to Zagato has obliged, providing Polyphony Digital with their own unique Vision Gran Turismo car.

Tesla fans will be pleased to know that the Californian automaker — whose Model S and Roadster feature in the game — also took part.

The result, the Tesla Vision Gran Turismo, is like nothing we’ve ever seen before from Tesla. And it’s good. Very good.

With narrow, low-down, aggressive headlights, sweeping fenders and the classic GT stance, the Tesla Vision Gran Turismo is a race car through and through. The Tesla Vision Gran Turismo might be designed as a grand tourer, but we think its swept windshield, high wheel arches and heavily sloping bonnet owe more to the many classic Le Mans Prototype classics we’ve seen over the years. It’s true, unadulterated Supercar joy, complete with Tesla’s now familiar grille — found on both the Tesla Model S and upcoming Model X — finishing off the design.

Being a virtual concept car, there’s no telling just what Tesla has put under its virtual bonnet, but we’re thinking twin Model S motors — maybe one for each axle — would give the car incredible performance and handling.  But without a copy of the game, we’re just going to have to imagine how it drives.

Because the whole idea of Vision Gran Turismo was to give automakers free reign to create a dream car in a virtual world, there is some question as to if any of the cars displayed in its celebratory garage could even be made in the real world. But while there’s been no requirement on automakers to turn these designs into real, drivable cars, we’ve already seen automakers like Mercedes-Benz turn digital dreaming into autoshow concept car reality.

Will Tesla? It’s tough to say, but given the reputation its CEO Elon Musk has of making the impossible possible, we’re holding out hope that Tesla may one day turn this drool-worthy digital dream into a drivable,  gas-beating electric reality.

What do you think? Have you played the game yet? How do the Tesla cars in it drive? And do you want a Tesla Gran Tourer as much as we do? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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