QuickCharge Exclusive: Illuminati Motor Works ‘Seven’

Kevin Smith of Illuminati Motor Works

Kevin Smith of Illuminati Motor Works

Illuminati Motor Works LLC is an Illinois-based company offering consulting and alternative-fuel vehicle prototype design and fabrication. In 2010 their battery electric vehicle prototype, Seven, was the most fuel-efficient mainstream class contender in the Progressive Automotive X Prize.

This month the company is on the road with Seven to showcase its technology along the East Coast of the US. Joining the tour is Wired Contributing Editor, Philadelphia, PA Journalist Jason Fagone, author of “Ingenious”, the book that followed four teams through the Progressive X-Prize journey.

The first stop along the tour was Cars & Croissants in Chatham, NJ. A bi-weekly meet up of local car enthusiasts who bring everything from amazing classics, re-imaginations of those classics and of course, exotica and recently – Electrics. As a New Jersey resident, it made sense to go along this time to meet Seven, the project’s Team Leader Kevin Smith, and get some time with this unusual car.

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If you’d like to get some time with Seven, it’s not too late: Illuminati Motor Works will be touring with Seven from now until December 16, and will be appearing at many different car-oriented and EV-friendly events during that time. Be sure to check the tour diary to see if it’s passing through your area.

C&C has some great cars

C&C has some great cars

Hat tip to Chris Neff for coordinating the inclusion of Seven at this weeks C&C event.



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