660 Mile Model S Roadtrip with Snow and Ice for New EV Driver

Let’s say that you’ve just picked up your shiny new top-of-the-line Tesla Motors’ Model S [NASDAQ:TSLA] and you’re planning your first ever trip. Do you go for something easy? Maybe a short hop to show it off to your friends and family? Or do you travel 535km (~332 miles) in sub-zero temperatures uphill?

The Roadtrip Route

The Roadtrip Route

If you’re Bjørn Nyland you go for the latter.

Bjørn, a new Tesla owner in Norway, decided this epic trip was just the thing to get know to the ins and outs of the car and SuperCharging. He drove from Oslo to Trondheim and then back again a couple of days later. A round trip of nearly 1100km.

Taking in two SuperCharger stops in each direction, Bjørn experienced the best and worst of his new car.

The Best

SuperCharging does appear to be as good as it seems. Each time Bjørn returned to his car it had more range than he expected. In Europe the SuperChargers can run at up to 135kW due to the three-phase energy supply that is so abundant here.

The traction control on the Model S was also, as Bjørn put it, ‘really good’ allowing him to drive up snow and iced covered hills that other cars would have balked at.

And from we can tell at Transport Evolved, the heating in the Model S is fantastic. Throughout the whole video – except when intentionally set lower – Bjørn was always warm. In fact he can be seen driving in a t-shirt comfortably while outside it snows and temperatures plummet.

Bjørn Nyland and his Model S

Bjørn Nyland and his Model S

The Worst

Range anxiety – there is no denying that Bjørn experienced some range anxiety on this trip. It appears that even in a car with a 85kWh battery pack and an 500 km (300 mile) range as measured by NEDC, range anxiety can attack.

At one point the car was predicting 1km left while he still had 10km to drive in order to get to the SuperCharger – a situation that would get even the most seasoned EV driver a bit hot under the collar.

Luckily the remaining distance was downhill and he was able to make it, but once he got to the SuperCharger another problem was discovered. The charging flap had frozen shut. Not the best of situations but as with door locks in 1950’s movies a quick swipe of a credit card sorted that out.

Finally the parking assist system stopped working. On a quick look around the car Bjørn found the problem. A thick layer of ice stuck to the front of the car obscuring the sensors.

It should be noted that none of these issues are restricted to this one car. In fact members of the Transport Evolved team have had frozen charging ports before but that are frustrating when encountered.

You can watch the whole of Bjørn’s amazing first trip below. It’s worth watching the whole video as he gives a good overview of what it is like to drive the Model S in Norway.

Where would you take your Model S on your first trip? Let us known the Comments below.


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