Plug In America Co-Founder Paul Scott Accepts Californian Environmental Award

Paul Scott, long-term EV Advocate, Nissan Leaf salesman and co-founder of Plug In America, accepted a 2013 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award yesterday on behalf of Nissan of Downtown Los Angeles.

You may remember Scott from the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? where he fought against the crushing of the General Motor’s EV1. You may know him from when he helped found Plug In America. Or maybe from when President Obama first agreed then refused to have lunch with him. Or maybe he helped you make the move to driving electric.

Paul Scott and the Chevy Volt

Paul Scott and the Chevy Volt

However you know him, there is no denying that he has had a huge influence on the world of electric cars.

“Paul is one of the most dedicated activists and educators I have ever met for both electric cars and solar,” said Chris Paine, director of Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car.

“He knows the issues, he’s passionate and takes personal risks, he puts his money where his mouth is, he’s tireless even when exhausted, and he walks the walk. He truly is one of California’s finest assets and I’ve met a lot of people in my 20 years here. He not only believes, he’s making it happen.”

The Nissan dealership where Paul Scott works is first to win in the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award’s new category for dealerships that lead the ways in sales of zero emission vehicles.

“Nissan of Downtown L.A. is honoured to receive this first-time award from the state of California,” Scott said. “As climate change worsens and our economy continues to struggle, the stakes have never been higher. However, the price of EV ownership and solar power has never been lower! Driving an EV charged with renewable energy means zero pollution, from well to wheels. This solution is accessible to more Americans than at any time in our history. It helps the Earth, it helps our economy.”

Scott still works tirelessly to promote electric cars. By day he works in the dealership selling Nissan Leafs while in his free time Scott is active within Plug In America promoting the electric lifestyle.

If you want to know more about Paul Scott, go and nab a copy of Who Killed the Electric Car?, or maybe have a look at some preview clips from My Lunch with Obama, here:

My Lunch with Obama is still looking for funding.


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