News From The Studio: We’re Going Live On YouTube, Google Hangouts!

Hi folks! It’s Nikki here from Transport Evolved, and I’m just dropping by to let you know some really exciting news about the Transport Evolved network!


As you know, Transport Evolved started off life as a weekly podcast covering everything there was to know in the world of electric cars. Our first show — aired on June 10, 2010, was a little over 1 hour fifteen in length, and dealt with the latest news in the world of EVs for the week. Top stories of the week included Tesla’s deal with Toyota to help it develop all-electric cars, developments at Reva, and the latest news from a little car called the Nissan LEAF. 

Back then, we existed to provide news to EV enthusiasts in a simple, informal podcast. It was updated once a week, and produced on a single computer. Now — thanks to you, our listeners and fans — we’ve grown to something far bigger. Our audience has swollen. We’re now producing Transport Evolved live every Sunday, streaming it to our fans around the world, and on Sunday last week we produced our first ever 1080p HD episode of Transport Evolved. 

Of course, Transport Evolved isn’t the only show we do now, as our recently-released YouTube trailer shows. If you haven’t looked at it, or don’t know about our other shows, take some time out to watch it, and be sure to add T.E.N, Charged Up and Quick Charge to your YouTube playlist. 

Since we launched these new shows three months ago — and improved our website to include daily news — we’ve been inundated with positive comments, seen our subscriptions rise and had some really great conversations with you all. We’re touched that you love our content, both written and video-based, and we love that you tell us when we get stuff wrong as well as when we get stuff right. Thank you. 

We're planning more awesome. Believe us...

We’re planning more awesome. Believe us…

Over the coming months we’ve got some more changes planned. As well as some new channel art (we’ve seen some of it already and it’s great) we’ll be adding new features to the website to make TransportEvolved the place you’ll want to come for your EV news. In addition, we’re going to add a whole new subsection for fans of autonomous and smarter car technology, electric and otherwise, because we think autonomous car tech is an upcoming killer app for the digital world. 

But the first of our big changes comes on Sunday, when we’ll be streaming to YouTube for the VERY first time!  That’s because we recently got approved for YouTube live streaming, meaning we’ll no-longer use the buggy, unreliable JustinTv service we’d relied on to stream our Sunday Show. 

Mark really does work this hard... all the time.

Mark really does work this hard… all the time.

What does this mean for you? Hopefully, things won’t change too much: You’ll now be able to sign up to watch our show on YouTube (or any mobile devices with a YouTube player) live as we make it. You’ll be able to comment to our video in real time, and ask questions of the guests and panelists. And hopefully, the quality of the video you get will be far better than what you’ve seen so far. 

But it also means we’ll be able to (hopefully) get the video to you sooner after the show airs. Assuming everything works correctly from our end (and we think it will) the version of the show you see will be the same as the version we post online for our audio and video subscribers. No more waiting — or at least, no more horrid editing sessions for Nikki and Mark!

Of course, if you listen on Mixlr instead of watch our show, you’ll be pleased to know nothing will change. Hopefully you’ll get the same high quality audio stream you’ve been used to hearing!

But wait! There’s more! In case you hadn’t realised, we’re at that time of year when the news cycle gets a bit screwy and people take time off to be with their families to celebrate the season. And that means that our shows will go a little screwy too. So here’s what we’re planning. 

T.E.N, our newest — and most popular — show, will air as normal on Friday 13 and Friday 20 December. Then, we’ll take a week off — and you’ll be treated to a little something we’re going to call T.E.N.Forward, where we’ll try and pick some big stories we think will be big in 2014. Somewhere in there, if you ask us nicely, we’ll throw in some outtakes, too. 

And instead of our usual Transport Evolved Shows on Sunday 22 and Sunday 29 December, we’re going to hold some special Google Hangouts — as well as other fun things — to celebrate the end of 2013 and the start of 2014.  Thanks to our new YouTube goodness, we’ll be streaming those live online too, of course — but we’ll give you more information nearer the time on both of these. 

Gotta Have 'em All

With all those plugs, you know he’s planning something awesome.

As for 2014? We’ve not even started on 2014 yet… but I can tell you we’ve got more than a little stuff planned — and I’m not allowed to tell you yet because Michael and Mark are sitting back here twiddling dials and building things. It’s all VERY exciting.

Until then, sit back, enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to tell your friends, family, coworkers, cat and dog about Transport Evolved, and add us to your bookmarks browser list. 😉

Thanks everyone, and here’s looking forward to some great new stuff. 

Nikki, Mark, and Michael. 

The TransportEvolved team. 





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