New Map Shows Where UK’s 3,000 Nissan LEAFs Live…And What They Do

We all know that the Pacific Northwest, California and Norway are all hotspots for electric car adoption, providing a shining example to places in the world where electric cars are less popular. But what about the U.K., where Nissan has just celebrated selling its 3,000th LEAF since the car went on sale there in March 2011?

To celebrate this milestone — and the LEAF’s third birthday, which also happened earlier this week — Nissan GB has produced a fun and informative infographic map pinpointing where its three-thousand or so LEAF customers are based in the UK, along with highlighting some of the unique and interesting things its all-electric hatchback is used for.

Where is the LEAF popular in the UK? Nissan's Infographic shows you.

Where is the LEAF popular in the UK? Nissan’s Infographic shows you.

As you might expect, a large majority of Nissan’s LEAF customers live in the Greater London area, with more dots centred around the nation’s capital than we can count, but hotspots of high LEAF adoption are also shown in Birmingham,  Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds. As you might expect, the area around Newcastle upon Tyne — just down the road from the Sunderland plant where all of Europe’s LEAFs are made  — is also a massive hotspot of LEAF sales.

In Scotland, LEAF adoption is high in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, with Aberdeen also proving a popular place for LEAF customers to live. But while LEAF sales may appear to be concentrated around cities, the infographic shows that LEAFs aren’t just urban cars: they live literally everywhere.

From the Orkney Islands in the north of Scotland to the southern most point of mainland England at Landewednack, Cornwall, there are LEAFs living in in the countryside too. Sometimes, there are no other LEAF owners for miles, while in other areas — like the south west, midlands and rural east anglia — a neighbouring LEAF is only five to ten miles away.

In fact, with a few exceptions,  — noticeably south-west Scotland, the Outer Hebrides and Scottish Highlands, and the more mountainous regions of Wales — there’s a LEAF owner within a stones’ throw of any UK place you’d care to name.

They’re being used for a variety of interesting purposes too, from forming the backbone of taxi fleets in Cornwall and Newcastle to helping local police in the West Midlands, building tunnels in central London, deliver cheese in Kent, and helping a distillery produce whiskey in Scotland.

We’re certainly seeing more LEAFS in recent months, but what about you? Have you seen a LEAF in an unusual location, or have you used a LEAF in a unique way? Don’t worry if you’re not in the UK — we’d still like to hear your tales in the Comments below!


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