Third-Party Tesla ‘Upgrade’ Gives Model S A Licence To Thrill

Let’s face it: the Tesla Model S is one super sexy car. Aside from the ability of its 85 kilowatt-hour flagship model to travel more than 250 miles on a single charge, the unbelievable 4.2 second 0-60mph time of its P85 variant, and the fact it’s got a frunk where the engine normally is, the Tesla Model S is packed with more technology than any other electric car on the market.

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Perhaps most noticeable among that tech is the massive 17-inch touch-screen display forming the centre console of the Model S dashboard. Completely customisable, it controls everything from the car’s Google Maps-based satellite navigation to the entrainment system, how open the sunroof is, and of course, lets you find the nearest supercharger.

Licence to thrill? TeslaTuner produces these fun web pages for Model S owners. (via @TeslaClubBE)

Licence to thrill? TeslaTuner produces these fun web pages for Model S owners. (via @TeslaClubBE)

Now, thanks to a new company by the name of TeslaTuner, you can even see how many rounds of machine gun bullets you have, activate your Model S’ smoke screen, and turn your car invisible. All courtesy of its free ‘007 PeaceMaker’ upgrade package.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to giving your Model S features that James Bond himself would drool over, TeslaTuner is also offering drivers a HAL 9000 upgrade for free, as well as a rather neat tracking package to keep an eye on that pesky valet parking attendant.

Yes, okay. We admit it: these free upgrades won’t give your Model S secret powers, invisibility, or an omnipotent, sadistic artificial intelligence, but they’re certainly a fun way to dress up that massive 17 inch screen.

Here’s how it works: thanks to the on-board 3G data modem and fully-functional web browser included as standard on every Tesla Model S, the car is capable of receiving and displaying any web page on its 17-inch touch-screen display, either in full or split-screen mode.  And because the screen it touch-sensitive, Model S owners and their passengers can interact with the web pages while the car is in motion.

As a marketing campaign to launch its site — and promote its upcoming real-world upgrades and apps for Model S owners — TeslaTuner has cunningly made a selection of realistic, interactive web pages optimised to look perfect on the Model S’ portrait touchscreen.

To turn your Model S into a spy car, give it HAL 9000’s terrifying personality, or even just list a set of voice commands you can use with your car, simply visit the corresponding page from the TeslaTuner site.

Dear valet, please don't jerk around with my Model S...

Dear valet, please don’t jerk around with my Model S…

You can even use the greeting card generator  to send your passenger a special message when they get in the car. Cute.

Perhaps our favourite one — other than the Bond-inspired PeaceMaker Package -is the Valet Attendant Screen, which warns pesky Valet parking attendants that any misbehaviour will be not only be recorded by the hyper-intelligent Model S — but that its owner will be immediately notified if anyone tries to recreate their favourite joy-riding scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  You know… the one with the Ferrari…

Clever marketing ploy, neat way to trick coworkers and friends that your Model S really does have a smokescreen, or just a juvenile waste of time? Make your mind up and leave your thoughts — and ideas for your own Model S ‘upgrade screens’ in the Comments below.

Hat-tip: Brian Henderson


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