QuickCharge: Renault Kangoo Van ZE Phase II (2013)

Renault has the widest electric range of any manufacturer at the moment. There’s the battery-swapping Fluence, the go-cart-like Twizy and the charge-from-anything ZOE. But there is a forth vehicle in this list that often gets overlooked; the workhorse of the bunch: The Renault Kangoo ZE.

The ZE Range. Can You Name Them All?

The ZE Range. Can You Name Them All?

First going on sale in 2011 as the ‘Phase I’ the updated ‘Phase II’ isn’t all that different from a technology standpoint. Although the Phase II does have a new front-end styling, a revised interior and additional equipment possibilities which will widen its appeal.

The Kangoo Now Uses the same Type 2 Charging Port as the ZOE But Only Charges at 16A

The Kangoo Now Uses the same Type 2 Charging Port as the ZOE But Only Charges at 16A

Not that it needs much widening. Worldwide cumulative sales passed the 10,000 mark in early September 2013, representing about 10% of overall Kangoo van global sales. This van has some serious love! But what did Nikki and Mark think after just getting into the Phase II van? Here’s their QuickCharge.

The Kangoo ZE Phase II starts at £12,995 (Excl. VAT & Delivery); that price is inclusive of Government incentive. A battery rental fee also needs to be paid monthly.

QuickCharge is the Transport Evolved show where your intrepid hosts get behind the wheel of a new car and record their first impressions to camera. Unlike our other shows, which are recorded on professional camera and audio equipment, QuickCharge is recorded in a quick’n’dirty style in order to truly capture our first impressions, unencumbered by camera equipment and sound checks.

Here’s what Nikki thought when she first  got behind the wheel. Including the ‘creep-off’ argument.

Possibly the biggest mark against the Kangoo Van ZE is the lack of rapid charge options. There is no ability for a Rapid Charge of any type. Adding to this issue is that the Kangoo only has a 16A (3.3kW) on-board charger meaning a full charge takes 7.5 hours from empty – however when one thinks about city deliveries where the van can be charged overnight, this does start to make some sense. This is backed up by Renault research that shows 70 per cent of Kangoo users travel fewer than 62 miles a day, meaning the NEDC 106 mile range should be enough.

We’ll be bringing you a fuller review soon, but until then what do you think of the Renault Kangoo ZE? Is it a vehicle you could use?


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