Winter Driving in Norway in a Tesla Model S? No Problem!

Self-confirmed car-nut Bjørn Nyland may have only made the switch from gasoline to electric a few months ago, but he’s already proving an Internet sensation with his informative docu-vlogs recording his many trips around Norway for work and pleasure.

His first EV video — a 28-miunte video documenting his first long-distance trip,  made just a month ago and covered here on Transport Evolved — already has over 25,000 hits. His latest video, a brief three minutes in length, is a great introduction to driving Tesla’s popular Model S Sedan.

As well as explaining why he purchased one, Bjørn covers the basics of driving an electric car during Norway’s bitter winters, including driving on icy roads and through heavy snow. Since he has only owned the car a few months, Bjørn’s video just covers his experiences in cold weather, detailing how he can warm the car remotely using Tesla’s remote smartphone app, raise the car’s active air suspension to drive through deep snow, and its excellent traction control.

Filmed to be part of Tesla’s ongoing Customer Stories, a section of Tesla’s official website devoted to sharing the ownership experiences of its customers, Bjøn’s video is unapologetic in its praise of the Model S, yet manages to remain realistic about the Model S’ capabilities.

For example, Bjørn comments that in his experience so far, his car has a twenty percent drop in range in the winter over Tesla’s official rated range. Other electric cars, like the Nissan LEAF and Peugeot iOn he says, have a reduction in range closer to 50 percent in the extreme cold of Norway’s winter.  He also comments that while he was worried about what effect the Model S’ weight would have on its ability to handle twisty ice-laden roads he soon realised that the Tesla Model S’ low centre of gravity and traction control system could handle the extreme weather with no problem.

The best bit of his Model S? Bjørn says that accolade is reserved to its over-the-air update system, meaning that his car just keeps “getting better and better” as more features are added with every software update.

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Do you own a Model S? Do you share Bjørn’s opinion of this popular EV? Leave your thoughts in the Comments below.


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