Transport Evolved Episode 180: Janus

On today’s Transport Evolved: We look back on 2013, ask what cars and news stories helped the cause of electric cars, which ones didn’t, and try to predict what’s coming next year. 

These, and many other stories, on this week’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley, and John Voelcker

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by editor of GreenCarReports, Classic Car aficionado and all-round nice guy John Voelcker.

A Stanford graduate, John has spend many years writing about and enjoying everything automotive. Currently a Senior Editor at HighGearMedia –– the company behind GreenCarReportsMotor Authority and The Car Connection — John can also be found contributing on Fox News, Tech Review, IEEE Spectrum, and He’s also an avid classic car fan, having authored and contributed to several books on classic british cars, and can often be found working on his own classic car collection and drooling over the Bring-a-Trailer listings.

(You can chat with John on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, and read his daily posts on GreenCarReports.)

Part 1

What’s been going on this year?

Nikki, Mark, and John discuss what the big stories of 2013 have been.


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Part 2


What we said was going to happen, and where we went wrong…

We look back at some of the predictions from the end of last year, and see which things we got right, and which things we got wrong…

Predictions for 2013:


Michael: Bit of a gap year. A quiet year. Tesla to begin shipping first Model Ss in EU – but that is evolution not revolution. Be a year of knuckling down and pushing of the EV messages.

Mark: Agreed with Michael. The year where EVs are bought for reasons other then ‘geekyness’. Slow adoption for people who aren’t into the ‘EV’ but want a cheap car. We’ll need to change the way we communicate as they are not ‘in the world of EVs’. A year for the building of the community.

Nikki: Nikki would like to see more proliferation of reliable electric motorcycles in 2013. Want to see more people using cars and bikes. Charging infrastructure people will step up and start policing their charging stations. CODA will go ‘bye bye’ So will Fisker. Nissan 2013 Leaf will be a bit of a let down for those who already have a Leaf but it will be a fantastic vehicle for those who don’t. Chevy Spark will be a popular and fantastic car. BMW will faff around and i3 won’t happen in 2013.


And we will get a bigger audience.


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Part 3

Our predictions for 2014. What will the year hold in store for plug-in cars and autonomous driving?

This is the fun bit: we get to predict what we think will be the big stories of 2014, and try to second-guess the big automakers.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who has supported Transport Evolved this year, and helped us make the move from a small weekly YouTube show to a whole EV-oriented network. On behalf of Nikki, Mark, Michael, our guests and the rest of the Transport Evolved family, have a very Happy New Year!



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