BMW North America Quietly Releases BMW i3 Price List

We’ve known for some time what the base prices would be for BMW’s 2014 i3 electric car and i3 REx range extended EV when they go on sale in the U.S. in March 2014. But now we know how much the various different trim and other options will cost, thanks to a newly-released price list from BMW.

Quietly published just a few days before the holidays — and picked up almost immediately by — the price list details official final pricing for both the all-electric i3 and its range-extended sibling, as well as illustrating just what you’ll be getting for your money.

For example, the base model i3 — available for $41,350plus $925 handling and designation fee before incentives for U.S. residents or $39,285 for diplomats within the U.S. — comes with two paint choices as standard: Arravani Grey or Capparis White. Metallic paint options Ionic Silver, Solar Orange, Laurel Grey and Andesite Silver will set you back an additional $550. All colour options are give BMW’s i-branded Frozen Blue accenting.

As with other luxury cars, you’ll be able to add features to your BMW i3 as required, but BMW gives three different trim levels to start with: Mega, Giga, and Tera.

Mega World, essentially the ‘standard’ entry level trim, includes a mixture of BMW’s ‘sensated’ and Cloth upholstery, 19 inch alloy wheels, multifunction steering wheel, floor mats, anti-theft alarm, upholders, storage package, AC fast charging, automatic LED headlights and wipers, dynamic cruise control, HD radio, BMW Assist eCall and Teleservices, as well as auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors — as well as the other features you’d expect of a car of this class.

Interestingly too, U.S. BMW i3s come with a heat pump-based heating system as standard. In Europe, it’s only available as an optional extra, with a less-efficient resistive heater being the standard instead.

The interior of the i3 is spacious and very futuristic.

The interior of the i3 is spacious and very futuristic.

The BMW i3 Giga World trim is the mid-spec package, adding a universal garage-door opener, comfort access keyless entry, smoker’s package and satellite radio with 1 year’s subscription, as well as a combination of leather and cloth interior trim and 19 inch ‘Giga’ alloy wheels, adding $1,700 to the base price. Larger 20 inch alloy double-woke wheels add another $1,300 to the price of Giga World.

Tera World, BMW’s top-level spec, adds $2,700 to the base model price, and includes everything found in the Giga World trim package, with the addition of specially designed 19-inch alloy wheels, and all-leather instead of partial leather trim. Like Giga World trim, larger, 20 inch alloy wheels can be added for another $1,300.

On top of the basic packages, drivers can choose to add extras like the Parking Package, which added a rear-view camera, park distance control, parking assistant and park assist package — or the Technology + Driving Assistant Package, which adds ACC Stop & Go + Active Driving assistant, Navigation system, BMW online and BMW Apps, and an advanced real-time traffic information system.  These two packages cost $1,000 and $2,500, respectively.

Finally, drivers can opt for heated front seats at a premium of $350, DC fast charging Combo connectivity for $700, or a premium sound system by Harman Kardon for $800.

This brings the price of a fully-specced out BMW i3 with all the options ticked to $52,175 before incentives, while a REx model will cost you $56,025 before incentives. While that might seem a little steep for some, that’s still a lot less than the $71,070 for a base-level 60 kilowatt-hour Tesla Model S.

Of course, not everyone will be buying a fully-kitted out BMW i3, and many buyers will be able to knock a significant amount off the sticker price thanks to local and federal incentives. But what the pricing does nicely illustrate is that the BMW i3 is priced to neatly fit into the market between popular less-expensive EVs like the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, and the highly-prized premium Tesla Model S.

With its nippy acceleration, futuristic looks, and flexible options, we think the BMW i3 will attract a lot of attention from those who can’t afford a Tesla, but want the premium feel of a high-end electric car.

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