Renault Zoe Awarded Best Supermini of 2013 Award By Euro NCAP

The Renault Zoe electric hatchback has just been crowned the best Supermini of 2013 by Euro NCAP, the official European safety board tasked with crash testing every single new car on the market today.

Renault's Zoe is the best Supermini of 2013, says Euro NCAP

Renault’s Zoe is the best Supermini of 2013, says Euro NCAP

Every January, the safety body evaluates the crash test results of every car it has tested over the past twelve months, and produces its official “Best in Class” list. The Zoe, with its five-star Euro NCAP official rating and excellent safety features, was picked as the best Supermini tested during 2013, beating six other vehicles — all gasoline — to the prize.

The Renault Zoe was tested back in March 2013 and in the tradition of Renault’s exemplary safety record in EuroNCAP tests, scored well in all of the categories.

In case you missed the original test, here’s our brief run down of how it fared last year:

Earning a total of 32 points (89 percent) for adult occupant safety, the Renault Zoe was scored highly for both drive and passenger safety. For child occupant safety, the car was awarded 39 points (80 percent) for both its 18 month old child and 3 year old child safety tests.  While its all-electric drivetrain and safety assistance features earned it a total of 8 points (85 percent), the Zoe fared least well in its Pedestrian safety tests, earning a total of 24 points (66 percent) due to its poor rating on the lower portions of its windscreen pillars.

Being an electric car, the Euro NCAP team also subjected the Zoe’s lithium-ion battery pack to a plethora of tests designed to evaluate the safety of the pack. These included burning the battery, trying to overload and short circuit the battery, dropping it from a height, compressing it, and driving a metallic nail deep into the pack.  As just-announced accolade would suggest, the Zoe fared well in all of these tests.

Euro NCAP ratings and prizes are of course as highly prized in Europe as NHTSA and IIHS awards in the U.S., meaning Renault will undoubtedly add the Best Supermini of 2013 award somewhere to its marketing material.

We spent some extensive time with the Renault Zoe in 2013, and we loved its versatile charging capabilities, its funky styling and its hot-hatch vibes, awarding it a total of 14/20 for our ChargedUp review. If you haven’t see it yet, why not take time out to watch it below?


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