Transport Evolved Episode 182. Now Defying Physics

On today’s Transport Evolved: Replacement AC adapters, treating electricity like gasoline, wireless busses and breaking the laws of physics.

These stories an more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley, Martin Messer Thomsen and Kalle Centergren.

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Welcome to the show! Today, Nikki and Mark are joined by EV consultant Martin Messer Thomsen and Kalle Centergren

Martin Messer Thomsen has spent 10+ years working with ground support vehicles at Copenhagen airport before running his own company for the past three years. an EV advocate and driver, he’s currently involved in forming his own European E-mobility consultancy as well as a Scandinavian EV toursit project. More recently, he became the first person to document how fast a Tesla Model S can really drive on the Autobahn, as well as prove that the Tesla Model S can travel from Berlin to Copenhagen on a single charge. 

If we had a pound — or a dollar — for every person we knew who liked electric cars and happened to be involved some way or other in space travel or airplanes, we’d be pretty rich. And  Kalle Centergren is one such guy. A self-confessed space nut and airplane technician, Kalle doesn’t own an electric car. But last year his girlfriend and he went on holiday to the Swiss Alps and decided to rent a Nissan LEAF as their transpiration choice.  Their resulting YouTube video is an excellent example of the capabilities of electric cars — and some of the things first-time EV drivers experience behind the wheel.  Kalle doesn’t own an EV, but said that he and his girlfriend are hoping to make more trips in an EV this year.

(You can find Martin Messer Thomsen on Facebook, and read more from him at his blog, while you can follow Kalle Centergrn via G+ or his YouTube channel.

Part 1

Tesla sends replacement AC adaptors out to customers, Renault cuts Fluence Z.E, VW offers free gas-car loan, London EV Black Cab Previewed, and Wireless busses in Milton Keynes.


On Friday, Tesla quietly announced that it was sending out replacement NEMA 14-50 adapters to all of tis Model S customers with a Universal Mobile Connector as a response to several instances of overheating involving the charging equipment. The new adaptor comes with a thermal fuse built in.


Back in November, Renault stopped European production of its Fluence Z.E. electric sedan. No-one even noticed (and we only found out when we asked Renault about a possible future three-phase capable model which we’d heard about) Will anyone miss the Fluence? Here’s our obituary.


Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s e-Up customers in Germany will be able to look forward to an impressive 30 days of free gasoline car rental a year for those trips that the tiny 4-seat city EV isn’t up to making. We’re wondering if other automakers will now follow suit, and if you really do need to offer gasoline car rental as a crutch for limited range?


This week, Nissan unveiled its all-new NV200 official London Hackney Cab. Based on the same vehicle as the New York City’s Taxi of Tomorrow, gasoline versions of the NV200 hackney cab have a revised front end to retain the distinctive London Cab look. But from next year, all-electric variants will travel around London too.


Fifty five miles northwest of London, another all-electric mass public transit project was launched this week: an all-electric bus route from Wolverton to Bletchley (not far from Bletchley Park, where the code breakers of World War II were based!)

The eight busses will be charged conductively overnight, but then charged wirelessly at the start and end of their 15-mile route. We can’t wait to ride them!

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Part 2

BMW i3 REx won’t get white CA HOV lane sticker, LEAF production will double in 2014,Renault Zoe is the best of class in EuroNCAP tests, Opel/Vauxhall dealers won’t service a Volt, and why you can’t drive your car with roof-mounted wind turbines


Despite some significant lobbying and extensive dialogue with California’s Air Resources Board, the 2014 BMW i3 REx won’t get onto the state’s white HOV-lane sticker program. While the all-electric i3 will gain access to the unlimited white-sticker program  — just like all other pure EVs — i3 REx owners will have to apply for a green HOV-lane sticker. And with more than half the 40,000 limited stickers already accounted for, not every BMW i3 REx owner will be lucky. What should they do?


Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has said that U.S. LEAF production will likely double for 2014. This hints at a total U.S. production volume for 2014 of 50,000 LEAFs.  Will Nissan really hit those kind of sale figures in 2014, or is it being overoptimistic.?


Renault’s all-electric Zoe hatchback was awarded the coveted Best Supermini of 2013 award by EuroNCAP earlier this week, outperforming gasoline and diesel cars in the safety ratings for its class. Will this help sales?


The Vauxhall/Opel Ampera might be nothing more than a Chevrolet Volt in a snazzy suit, but that doesn’t mean Ampera dealers will work on a Chevy Volt. With Chevrolet pulling out of Europe, what does this mean for Volt owners?


It was CES 2014 this week, which means the Internet was awash with a whole load of interesting, quirky and downright silly products which were being launched at the show.  But one — and the post which accompanied it — caught our eye, because its supposed use would have required the breaking of several laws of physics.  Oh dear.

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Part 3

Massachusetts proposes treating electricity like any other fuel, we examine the context of EV sales last year, Volt and Spark EV will get 4G LTE, The Model X gets spied on the roads of California, and the C5 is 29 years old.


The state of Massachusetts is about to investigate if electricity should be treated like any other vehicular fuel, including the way it is licensed, sold and taxed. What implications would there be if it was?


U.S. EV sales last year were at an all-time high. In total they accounted for a tiny proportion of total U.S. new car sales, but should we be looking at them in a different context?


2014 Chevrolet Volt and Spark EV cars will come with 4G LTE data connectivity and WiFi hotspot capabilities. Will this help sales even further? 


Tesla might be readying itself for an official unveiling of a production-ready Model X, it appears. Last week, a Model X was spotted testing on the roads of California. And this one has mirrors. 


And finally…

The Sinclair C5 turned 29 years old on Friday. But what is it, and did it help — or hinder — the electric car revolution?


We’ve got some reader feedback and questions: If you’ve got any, please get in touch using our contact us section of the website! 

Here’s some from Darrell Holmquist.

Nikki and Mark.  In your recent podcast, you mentioned the US Tesla
Superchargers.  As of today, 1/6/23 there are 55 locations with a
total of 335 charging stalls.  Of course, who know the numbers for
tomorrow!   😎


And also one from Richard Glover, who writes on the subject of UK cabinet ministers and EVs.

Cabinet ministers should be driven around in black Nissan Leaf, made
in England.

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