Elon Musk Confirms the ‘Giga’ Factory and Right-Hand Drive Release

Back in November we reported that Elon Musk was considering creating a ‘Giga’ Factory to not only produce all the batteries they need but also reuse and recycle them at the end of their life.

In an interview with CNBC on 14 January talking about Telsa’s Quarter 4 sales [NASDAQ:TSLA], Musk let slip that planning for the Giga Factory is well under way with the final selection of which State to build it in taking place “in the next month or so”.

He went on to give a few details of how he would like the factory to be in an ecological sense: “This is going to be a very green factory. There going to be a lot of solar power. It’s going to have essentially zero emissions and there are no toxic elements that are going to come out of this factory and we will build in recycling capability right into the factory. So old packs would come in one side and get reprocessed as new packs.”

The creation of the Giga Factory ties in closely with the affordable Tesla Musk plans to make. The ability to create batteries in high numbers lowers the price making a long-range and affordable EV possible.

It should also be noted that Musk referred to this affordable car as the Model E on air. Transport Evolved predicts a minor spat between Tesla and GM Ford, both of whom have registered trademarks for the ‘Model E’ name.

Right Hand Drive

Before being moved on to a new subject, Musk made sure to comment that the right hand drive Model S “will be coming out in April”. Good news for any customers in right-hand drive countries like the UK, Australia and Hong Kong who have a Model S reserved to name but a few.

When is a Recall Not a Recall

Elon was also asked questions about the Model S over the air update fix for potential overheating problems while charging. He explains that listing this as a ‘recall’, as the Federal Government did, makes no sense in the modern world as the car just updates. No need for anyone to bring their car in to Tesla.




You can watch the full interview here:


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